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Graduate Programs

Gain the knowledge, training and credentials you need to grow professionally and personally.

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How much does a master's degree cost?

  • 5 Affordable graduate degrees that produce a positive ROI for your career
  • 1-2 Nights each week allow you to complete your degree in 1-2 years
  • 7-8 Week-long classes to add flexibility into your changing schedule
  • 6 Start dates a year allows you to apply now and prepare to begin right away

Designed for Working Professionals

Enroll in evening and online classes.

It’s a matter of bandwidth. As a busy working professional, it is challenging to find the time to earn your graduate degree. Evening and online classes at OC allow you to stay on the job while you are pursuing an advanced degree.

Complete your degree in as little as 12 months.

Accelerate your pace by enrolling in two eight-week courses throughout the year to complete some degrees in 12 months. Or, fit classes around your schedule when it’s most convenient for you and take a break when life demands that you do.

Take classes one or two nights a week.

Our master’s programs are structured with one- or two-night a week classes with each class being eight weeks. There are six start times throughout the year, so it’s always the right time to start advancing your degree.

Navigate to our conveniently located campus.

Nestled among three main highways, OC is quick and easy to get to from anywhere in the Oklahoma City area. West of I-35, north of the Kilpatrick Turnpike and east of Broadway Extension, we are minutes away from where you are.

Grad­u­ate School of Business

You dream big. You want to be your own boss. You hope to someday be a partner in a major accounting firm or launch your own business. An MBA or a Master of Accountancy degree from OC will set you on the path to your career dream.

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Grad­u­ate School of Engi­neer­ing & Com­put­er Science

Advance your leadership skills and promote to a management role with a master’s degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the US to trend toward 18 percent of all jobs requiring a master’s degree by 2022. Start today to be qualified in the near future.

Engineer working circuits

Grad­u­ate School of Theology

You’re a devoted Christian leader, driven to have a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. Experience rigorous training for your intellectual and spiritual development in our Graduate School of Theology to become the Christian leader God calls you to be for ministry in a church, academy and the world.