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Graduate Degrees

Tuition just got lower, fees are slashed and books are included. Now is the best time to apply for graduate school. You can do this!

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We are low­er­ing the cost of grad­u­ate school, slash­ing fees & includ­ing books.

How much does it cost?

The Value of a Master's Degree

  • 2021 Fall 2021 means lower tuition, lower fees and books are included!
  • 43% of those earning $100k+ have an advanced degree
  • $17k those with a master's degree earn an average of $17k more than those with bachelor's only
  • 33% of employers are selecting those with a master's for positions previously held by bachelor's only degrees

Designed for Working Professionals


Evening and online classes at OC allow you to stay on the job while pursuing an advanced degree. It’s a matter of bandwidth. As a busy working professional, we make it easy to find the time to earn your graduate degree.

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Expect dedicated support from OC faculty, admissions specialists, academic advisors and financial aid experts to help you achieve your goals. Has it been a while since you were a student? Don't worry, your success is our mission.

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Our master’s programs are structured with classes one- or two-nights a week with each class being eight weeks. There are six start times throughout the year, so it’s always the right time to begin advancing your degree.

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Nestled among three main highways, OC is quick and easy to get to from anywhere in the Oklahoma City area. West of I-35, north of the Kilpatrick Turnpike and east of Broadway Extension, we are minutes away from where you are.

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Learn Tonight, Use Tomorrow

You will gain relevant knowledge and skills in your classes that you can put to use in your profession right away. It's what sets OC students apart from all the others.

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Mark Your Calendars


Graduate school takes some planning - we've got you covered.

Check out your options!

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