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Student Success

OC's Student Success Center serves as a steadfast navigator, partnering with academic programs to cultivate personal and academic responsibility in students as they embark on their transformative university experience.

Student Success

Your Learning Resource Center

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Academic Coaching

Navigating the transition to college life is a unique and personal journey for every student. Academic coaches are here to provide tailored support, helping you enhance your note-taking and reading comprehension strategies, manage test anxiety, identify your optimal learning style and refine your listening skills.

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Academic Recovery

When facing academic probation or suspension, your dedicated Academic Life Coach is here to provide unwavering support. Your coach will reach out to schedule a meeting, where you'll collaboratively explore a series of questions and develop a personalized plan to regain and maintain academic success.

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Study Skills

Elevate your academic performance by mastering proven study skills, tactics, and methods. Our dedicated team is here to guide you in enhancing your memory, refining your time management strategies, setting and achieving goals, and implementing effective textbook reading strategies. We also invite you to utilize our comfortable study space, complete with snacks, to maximize productivity.

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Undergraduate Tutoring

Connect with a tutor or an organization mentor to elevate your academic game.Writers Block and group study for American government, general psychology and turning points.