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Residence Life

Your living experience is an integral part of your overall education. Discover a place where you'll forge lifelong friendships, find academic support and connect with like-minded individuals. Our residence halls are more than just dormitories; they're hubs for personal growth, fostering a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the classroom.

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We Are A Kingdom University.

Freshmen girl dorms Freshman Dorm Room

Standard Dorms - $2300 per semester*

Freshman & Sophomore Housing

*Add $800 for a private room (if available).

Women's Residence Halls

Gunn-Henderson Hall

Tinius East

Tinius West

Premium Dorms - $2900 per semester*

*Add $800 per semester for a private room (if available).

Women's Residence Halls

University House South

Davisson West

Men's Residence Halls

University House North

Davisson East

Standard Apartments - $2500 per semester*

Junior & Senior Housing

*No private rooms in Phase 3 & 4.

Women's Apartments

Phase 4

Men's Apartments

Phase 3

Premium Apartments - $3500 per semester*

*Add $800 per semester for a private room.

Women's Apartments

Phase 5

Phase 6B

Phase 6C

Men's Apartments

Phase 6A

Phase 6B

Phase 6D

Phase 6E

Have an interest in moving rooms? Fill out a request here.

Move Request
OC Campus at Sunset

Off-Campus Petition

Over 70% of students live and build community on campus at OC. However, we understand there are some circumstances that make that difficult. So, if living off-campus is the right fit for you and you meet the guidelines submit an off-campus petition.

  • Part-time student status (enrolled in 11 hours or fewer)
  • Married and/or has dependent children
  • Completed 124+ credit hours
  • 23 years old prior to the beginning of the semester for which the off-campus exception is requested
  • Living with parent(s) in their primary, full-time residence (Exceptions are not granted to live with aunts/uncles, siblings or other family members.)

If you meet one or more of these guidelines, you may fill out this petition.

Off-Campus Housing Petition