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Meal Plans & Dining Food Options

The Branch

OC's cafeteria is an all-encompassing, community-oriented place for OC students, faculty, staff and guests to eat.

As a student, using your swipes gets you into The Branch where you can choose from a quick sandwich or cereal to the main meal lines where a different entree, salad and gluten-free meal are served every day. You may enjoy themed events where The Branch staff puts out meals specific to the holiday or event being celebrated. You can count on funnel cakes during the Oklahoma State Fair, turkey and mashed potatoes in November or late-night breakfast during finals week. Our hours are listed on MyOC, but you’ll be able to drop by 7 days a week!

Branch Students

Meal Plan Options

Apartment Plans

  • 75 meals/semester + 100 Eagle Bucks
  • 75 meals/semester + 200 Eagle Bucks
  • 75 meals/semester + 400 Eagle Bucks
  • 105 meals/semester + 100 Eagle Bucks
  • 105 meals/semester + 200 Eagle Bucks
  • 105 meals/semester + 400 Eagle Bucks

Residence Hall Plans

  • 15 meals/week + 100 Eagle Bucks
  • 19 meals/week + 150 Eagle Bucks

Eagle Bucks

Students can add Eagle Bucks for on-campus dining at Aguila Grill, Chick-fil-A Express, Jimmy John's, The Brew, and for off-campus use at Alfredo's, OnCue and Sonic. Additional Eagle Bucks can be purchased in $10 increments.

The Brew

The Brew, a coffee shop on the OC campus, brings students, faculty and staff together to share ideas, ideals and life. It is located on the second floor of the Mabee Learning Center.