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Ascend Scholars Program (Formerly Bridge Program)

Building on the legacy of the Bridge Scholars Program, Ascend expands access to OC students who need additional support during the transition to college.

Ascend provides robust programming for any student who meets the following requirements:

  • 18 or below Composite ACT (or SAT/CLT equivalent)
  • 18 or below Math or English Subscore (or SAT/CLT equivalent)
  • Admitted Test Optional

If a student meets any of these criteria, they will be notified by Student Success after admission and commitment to OC. Students participating in the Ascend program will be enrolled in a two-semester course: COMM 1102: Communication and Success in College 1 (Fall) and COMM 1201: Communication and Success in College 2 (Spring). These courses are designed to provide students with additional resources on time management and study skills, plagiarism, writing and presentation skills, and choosing a major.

Ascend scholars will also be paired with a peer mentor they meet with regularly throughout the semester. Peer mentors are current OC students that assist your student as they navigate their first year of college.

Additional services are provided through the Student Success Office including: tutoring, advising, and access to Academic Life Coaching.

Contact for more information.