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Day Six Calling & Career

On Day Six God created man and woman in his image. You were created with purpose and calling. OC's career services, Day Six, expertly walks beside you as you discover your calling and chart a path toward your life's work.

Director of Calling and Career meeting with student

Six Things You Were Made For:

What were you made for? Let's find out together and then let's get you there.

Working With Spirit

Genesis 2:15 |What feels like Holy work to you?

Helping in Community

Genesis 2:18 |How do you hope to help the people who share your world?

Multiplying Your Talents

Genesis 1:28 |What strengths do you have that, when multiplied, will go further than anyone’s around you?

Caring for Creation

Genesis 1:28-29 |What in life do you feel called to guard and grow every day?

Enjoying Life and Beauty

Genesis 1:31, 2:9 |What good work do you choose to learn and do when no one is making you?

Bearing God’s Image

Genesis 1:26-27 |How will you find your life and work reveal God to the World?

Let’s mas­ter the job search process togeth­er. Stu­dent or alum, we are here to help you!

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The Tools You Need for Your Job Search

To pursue your dream job, you're going to need some polished materials and interview skills. This in the place to help you get started! Check out these resources that take you from resume building to landing the job.

Annual Employer Partner Program

Other Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities

For ques­tions about our employ­er spon­sor­ship pro­gram, con­tact Susan Hoover.

Thank You

Your gifts do not go unnoticed by our campus community and will have a direct impact on how our students and alumni prepare for their careers and enter the workforce.

Susan Hoover / Director of Calling and Career
Susan Hoover

Hand­shake is a resource to help you get the offer you’ve been wait­ing for!

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Hire OC Students

OC students are a great resource for any of you alumni or friends in the area. Whether your business has a job opening or you need someone to babysit or mow the lawn, we have resources for you to find the right student to hire!

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If you want more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Day Six!

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