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Master of Science in Project Management (M.S.P.M.)

33 Hours

The Master of Science in Project Management (M.S.P.M.) degree is designed for recent undergraduates from all backgrounds (not just business majors) looking to launch a career in project management, or professionals at any level and in any industry who want to hone their decision-making and project management skills.

The MSPM will give students the knowledge and skills to be able to analyze and solve complex business problems and more effectively lead projects to success. The program’s curriculum will incorporate data analysis, quantitative methods, and modeling with project management techniques and principles. Graduates of the program will, therefore, be better prepared for the demands of industry. As such it will be a STEM designated program which will make international graduates eligible to extend their Optional Practical Training from 1 year to 3 years.

A graduate with the M.S. degree will able to:

  1. Understand market fluctuations and prepare for changes affecting careers, profit, financial decision making, capital outlays, and production
  2. Understand economic factors facing today’s project managers
  3. Understand how to apply leadership principles to lead projects
  4. Compare the roles of ethics, values, and morals in the professional world, and set ethical standards individually and organizationally
  5. Gain mastery of the expectations in project management
  6. Demonstrate the skills to analyze and optimize both planning and logistic problems using spreadsheet tools and data analysis software
  7. Demonstrate understanding of the full data analysis process and what is required at each stage
  8. Accurately analyze and describe the intervention techniques to affect change in a business organization