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Vocational Spanish (second major only)

30 hours, taken only as a second major

This second major in Vocational Spanish serves students academically and spiritually while preparing them to assist their communities. This major challenges students in an educational setting while grooming them to serve their Spanish-speaking colleagues/patients/clients and tend to Spanish-speakers in their hometowns and on the mission field.

An OC graduate with any degree and a second major in Vocational Spanish will demonstrate:

  1. Proficiency in speaking the Spanish language to participate in fluid conversations with native speakers of Spanish.
  2. Proficiency in reading and understanding prose and poetry in Spanish and writing research papers and essays in Spanish.
  3. An awareness and appreciation of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries including the customs, religion and general way of life.

Familiarity with the structure of the Spanish language, including the grammar of their native language as it compares with that of Spanish.



  • Take three hours of 3000/4000 level Spanish Literature