Graduate Programs

Masters of Purpose

Oklahoma Christian University offers seven high-quality, student-centered graduate degree programs crafted to ensure excellence in academic design and content, provide superior service for your needs, and help you find meaning in your work or vocation. With almost 2,000 undergraduate students and more than 500 graduate students enrolled, we’re big enough to offer you an excellent education, but small enough to care about you and your future.

What can you expect to find at OC?

  • You can expect to be part of a learning team. You will learn under experienced and academically qualified teachers, but you also share responsibility for your learning and the learning of others. Real learning comes from participation, not just content consumption.
  • You can expect your degree to have value. It’s not what you know, but how you use what you know. Whether you earn your master’s degree in accountancy, business administration, computer science, engineering, ministry, theology, or divinity, you’ll earn it and be better in your job or advanced study because of it.
  • You can expect to be respected. All of our graduate programs have been designed to meet the changing needs of the student communities they serve. All are different, yet each is committed to your success.

Give us a look. You’ll like what you see.