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Music Scholarships

We are eager to visit with vocalists, pianists, guitarists, and string, woodwind, brass and percussion players about music scholarship opportunities at Oklahoma Christian University. Regardless of your intended academic major, we welcome you to audition with us during your junior or senior year. Please browse the information below concerning music scholarship opportunities, and then contact us about setting up an audition

Music Performance Scholarships (MPS)

Music Performance Scholarships at OC range in amount from $1,000 per year up to several thousand dollars per year. The largest awards are typically granted to the most serious music students, but numerous smaller awards are also made each year. Those who should audition for music scholarships typically fall into one of these two categories:

1. The general student with an interest and talent in musical performance, and who has had successful experiences in one or more high school music organizations (these might include choir, band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, music theatre, piano competitions, etc.).

2. The outstanding music student who has studied privately in his or her area of emphasis prior to entering the university, and who has considerable high school performance experience and training. These applicants typically have achieved success in such activities as solo music contests, All-State organizations, Piano Guild activities, etc.

Regardless of which of these categories best describes you, you should plan to complete a single scholarship audition with us. Whether you intend to major in music or in any other academic area, we welcome your audition. The music faculty will evaluate all auditions and make award decisions based on several factors, including musical talent, potential for future musical growth, anticipated major, financial need, projected needs within departmental ensembles and productions, etc.

MPS Award Eligibility: music majors and non-music majors are eligible to receive these awards of varying amounts.

MPS Award Duration: renewable for up to four years

Endowed Music Scholarships (EMS)

Only music majors are eligible for consideration to receive Endowed Music Scholarships. The music faculty selects recipients based on performance ability, academics, leadership skills, need and/or other factors.

Amounts and availability of endowed awards vary from year to year.

EMS Award Duration: renewable for up to four years

Please note that performance expectations for fulfilling music scholarship awards vary, depending on the amount of the award, the area of performance specialty, etc. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the possibilities and requirements with you. Also, note that the scholarship audition is separate from the auditions for placement in specific ensembles (Chorale, Symphonic Band, etc.) or productions. Students should contact appropriate faculty to learn about audition requirements for ensembles.

Prepare thoroughly for your audition. Pianists should prepare and memorize two pieces of contrasting styles. One faster number should emphasize technical abilities (such as speed and agility) on the piano, and the other, a slower piece, should show legato phrasing, tone quality, and expressiveness. If you choose to perform a single longer piece (a movement from a major work such as a sonata or concerto), it should also show these contrasts. Since sight-reading is a vital skill for pianists, please be prepared to sight-read as part of your audition. If you perform with your school's jazz band, you may perform an additional solo in the jazz style.


Prepare thoroughly for your audition. Instrumentalists should prepare two numbers of contrasting styles (memorization is not necessary for instrumentalists, but is desirable). One faster selection should emphasize technical abilities (such as speed and agility) on your instrument, and the other, a slower piece, should demonstrate legato phrasing, tone quality, and expressiveness. These selections should be solos composed or arranged specifically for your instrument (not a band or orchestra piece in which you play your individual part). Percussionists should typically demonstrate proficiency on two or more instruments and/or in multiple styles. Because of the variety of percussion possibilities, feel free to contact us for specific recommendations. Regarding accompanists (for instrumental auditions only): you may bring your own accompanist to your audition, or a high-quality recording of your accompaniment. Or, if you prefer, you may perform your audition unaccompanied. Note that OC will not provide an accompanist for instrumental auditions. You should also be prepared to sight-read a piece for your instrument. If you perform in your school's jazz band, you may perform an additional solo in the jazz style (a solo from a jazz band composition is acceptable). Note: guitarists, bass guitarists, and percussionists interested in a scholarship for playing in our Jazz Ensemble should contact Dr. Heath Jones directly about audition requirements.


Prepare thoroughly for your audition. Vocalists should prepare and memorize two songs. One of these songs should be a "classical" number (such as a contest solo, art song, oratorio or opera aria), and one should be a selection from a standard Broadway musical. Both selections should be performed from memory with accompaniment. If you audition during OC's Spring Visit, the Music Department can provide an accompanist. At other times, you may bring your own accompanist or a high-quality recording of your accompaniment. You should be prepared to sight-read as part of your audition.

Audition Deadline

Those who desire a music scholarship should notify the Department of Music no later than February of their intent to audition, and all auditions for music scholarships should be completed by March 4. Should you be unable to complete your audition by March 4, we'll still be glad to visit with you concerning scholarship options. We can't guarantee, however, that you'll receive full consideration for a music award beyond the March 4 deadline.

Additional Audition Preparations and Suggestions

You may audition in person during the Spring Visit. The music faculty has reserved this day to hear auditions and to meet and visit with you. It may also be possible to audition on our campus at an earlier time. Contact us to discuss audition date options. If you are unable to audition on our campus, please send a Private YouTube Link of your audition (if you wish to submit an audition video using some other recording format, please contact us first to ensure compatibility with your desired recording format). Those who wish to mail auditions should contact us regarding sight-reading requirements.

Please bring a copy of your audition music for the scholarship committee and a copy for your accompanist (note that we will provide an accompanist for vocalists only, and only during Spring Visit).

In addition to a performance containing correct notes and rhythms, the scholarship committee will look for elements of musicianship, including phrasing, dynamics, facility, articulation, intonation, tone quality, etc.

The scholarship committee awards scholarships each year during the Spring semester. At that time, each scholarship applicant will be notified in writing as to whether or not he or she will be offered an award for the coming year.

Please send all materials to: Dr. Heath Jones
Chair, Music Program
Oklahoma Christian University
P.O. Box 11000
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1100
(405) 425-5530 phone
(405) 425-5480 fax

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