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Student Life

Our traditions are musical, colorful, funny, serious, somber and thoughtful with lots of space for you to be the best you. We practice daily habits of worship, care deeply and propel each other toward growth. OC is home.

Student life

Spir­i­tu­al Life

We believe students are driven by missions, not just majors.

We help students find Christ’s calling for them and equip them to be change makers in the world through daily spiritual disciplines and accountability. Choose from a robust offering of chapel services, one-on-one mentoring, sharing Christ through community involvement, small group Bible studies and opportunities for personal growth.

Spiritual Life

Men­tal Health

We believe your mental health is important.

And, we want to provide the resources to keep you healthy. OC's holistic approach to health and wellness includes resources for your mental, physical and spiritual well being. Please take a look at what we offer. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Health and Wellness

Almost 400 stu­dent-ath­letes com­pete in 20 NCAA DII and club sports!

Eagle Athletics
President John deSteiguer supports the Eagles
President de Steiguir with OC student athlete

OC Diver­si­ty

OC understands power, privilege and opportunity are unfairly shaped by history and social structures. So we seek to be a place that empowers and fosters inclusiveness for all students of color without fear of bias or prejudice.

Alex Stewart CU

Day Six

You are created with a calling, a God-given purpose. Day Six, Oklahoma Christian's career service, is committed to walk beside you as you discover your calling and chart a path toward your life's work. What were you made for? Let's find out together. Then, let's get you there.

Day Six director with students

Find a job on campus!

Work Study
OC students taking a selfie in front of the Wheeler Ferris Wheel OC students playing cornhole

Life in Oklahoma

Picture yourself in Oklahoma’s largest city where entrepreneurs flourish and young people make the most money. Make your professional connections, enjoy an entertainment calendar that is always filled and try as many trendy restaurants as you can.

Eat Well

OKC’s food culture is flourishing. Try all of these amazing new hot spots!


Get Outside

Among the Myriad Gardens, Wichita Mountains and Riversport OKC, you will find your outdoor niche in Oklahoma, no matter who you are.

OKC Activities

Start a Business

Oklahoma City is among the top 5 cities with the youngest entrepreneurs, making it a great place to achieve your professional goals!


Make Money

Oklahoma City is ranked in the top 20 cities where millennials make the most money. Now is the time to earn a degree and pursue your dreams!


The world awaits your story

A safe history

Located on the border of Oklahoma City adjoining the suburb of Edmond, the crime rate is low and decreasing.

OC Campus Police are on duty 24/7/365. We have two patrol cars with lights that are clearly marked, Police. Our eight officers are CLEET certified, fully commissioned and armed. They are serious about safety, and they are really caring people.

Learn more about campus safety