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Spiritual Life

We believe students are driven by missions, not just majors. OC helps you find Christ’s calling for you and equip you to be a change maker in the world.


OC is Missional

Experience God's Creation


Earn Kudos for attending chapel, a time to come together with your campus family to worship and fellowship. You can challenge your faith, put it in action and apply it to contemporary subjects. You can use your gifts and talents to grow in faith, glorify God and serve others in ways in and out of chapel.


Located in Oklahoma City, we have quick access to dozens of churches ready for you to visit. (Memorial Road Church of Christ is essentially on campus!) But spiritual life goes beyond the auditorium. Take a walk through one of Oklahoma City's beautiful parks or host a Bible study in a coffee shop. Make your spiritual journey your own!

Students and professor studying the bible Students Walking OKC

Col­lege of Bib­li­cal Studies

If you feel so passionate about spiritual life that you’d like to turn it into a major, you came to the right place! Our College of Biblical Studies provides you a variety of major options so you can pursue the degree that fits you perfectly.

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We have several resources that you can use to strengthen your unique, personal faith. If you’re in need of lesson plans or a devotional series then check these out!

Church Resources

Church Resources is a group of people who value the church, scripture and are involved in ministry, providing resources for your ministry.

Grow your faith

Bible Reading Plans

YouVersion has so many study series for you to choose from that can be tailored to your unique schedule and faith walk.

Take a look

Stu­dent Life

You have a great opportunity to build relationships and make memories at OC.

Will you take a risk to discover something new? Risking vulnerability is a step toward a deeper relationship with your roommate, professor, classmate, your server in The Branch or the person next to you at church. Our Student Life office is here to help. Join a club, volunteer to serve or take a trip to meet new people. It might just change your future.

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