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Cyber Eagles

Your Gateway to Cybersecurity

Embrace the thrill of cybersecurity with the Cyber Eagles team. Sharpen your cyber defense skills and test your mettle in the National Cyber League competition. Embark on a journey to become a cybersecurity hero, safeguarding systems against relentless cyber threats. Join our ranks and unleash your inner cyber warrior.

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Enroll­ment is open! Reg­is­ter for the spring sea­son by Jan. 7, 2024.


Worms, Bots and Phishing

Cyber Eagles

Cyber Eagles club is open to students, aged 14 to graduate students, who are interested in learning cybersecurity skills like password cracking and cryptography. Cyber expert Professor Curtis Coleman coaches local students on campus, and national teammates online. Eight weeks of online training leads to biannual, virtual competitions in the National Cyber League where you are placed in a bracket that matches your skill level for both individual and team cyber battles.

Your membership of $100 includes one hour of college credit in computer science, university coaching, NCL enrollment, team t-shirt, competition prep, team emails, access to weekly training online and weekly virtual group coaching, and after the competition you will receive a Cyber Scout Report showing your skills rating along with an NCL participation certificate!

Computer Science at OC

National Cyber League

Take an inside peek at the National Cyber League. It's inclusive, relevant, challenging and fun! NCL Spring 2024 schedule coming soon.

  • Cybersecurity Team

  • $100
    Membership cost for non-OC students - college and high school students welcome
  • 8
    Online cybersecurity training lessons for Cyber Eagles team members
  • 5%
    In the nation - Cyber Eagles highest ranked NCL player
  • 1
    One hour of college credit earned for completing the Cybersecurity training

High School Student & CyberEagle

Quilan Heitmann

"The Cyber Eagles club is an amazing experience! I had zero Cybersecurity experience, but with Professor Coleman’s coaching, I placed in the top 15% overall in the individual game. My favorite part of the individual competition was learning how to make my own enumerated wordlists to crack difficult password hashes.

I especially enjoyed the team competition. Even though I was in a different state for the competition, I was able to participate because my team used Discord to collaborate.

My favorite part of Cyber Eagles was learning from my teammates. At first everyone focused on their favorite category, but later we worked together to solve harder questions that we wouldn’t have been able to solve individually."


Dates to Remember

Cyber Eagles Registration closes - Jan. 7, 2024

NCL Spring 2024 schedule coming soon!

Training Topics


Open Source Intelligence

Password Cracking

Log Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis

Wireless Access Exploitation

Scanning and Recon


Cybersecurity class

Meet the Coach

I have over 25 years of corporate experience as well as my military experience. I want to impart that broad range of knowledge to my students and show them how to immediately apply it to the real world.

Curtis Coleman / Cybersecurity Professor & Cyber Eagles Coach

Cyber Eagles FAQs

Everything you want to know about joining the Cyber Eagles

It is a cybersecurity club for students, 14 years old through college age, to prepare and compete in the National Cyber League competitions in the fall and spring seasons.

It is a national competition with both individual and team competitions in cybersecurity skills. NCL offers fall and spring seasons and requires coaches to be university faculty. Visit the National Cyber League website.

The cost is $100 per student for each season (fall and spring). This includes the $35 entry fee for the National Cyber League competition and the coaching and training you will need to perform at your best.

Great coaching by Curtis Coleman, weekly online training lessons, weekly live virtual coaching sessions, one hour of college credit in computer science, t-shirt, NCL enrollment, competition assistance and review. Cyber Eagles will learn to perform individually and as a part of a team. Members will meet teammates who share similar interests and activities.

Curtis Coleman, cybersecurity expert extraordinaire. Prof. Coleman has coached teams in NCL before, has over 25 years of professional experience in cybersecurity at the highest levels, and now teaches cybersecurity at OC.

You will learn about Open Source Intelligence, Cryptography, Password Cracking, Log Analysis, Network Traffic Analysis, Wireless Access Exploitation, Scanning and Recon and Teamwork. You will also learn to use tools of the trade in many of these areas.

The weekly training lessons will take about two to three hours including the video lessons, readings and activities. The competition weeks are more intense the more hours you spend in the competition the better you will do. Most students spend 10-15 hours a week in the competition.

In Cyber Eagles you will get an expert coach to help you learn cybersecurity skills through online training and virtual live coaching sessions. You will get to compete individually and as teams with other Cyber Eagles. It will also be tons of fun and you will learn a lot.

Yes! Cyber Eagles is a virtual club! The online training, virtual coach and National Cyber League competition can all be done online. There is no expectation that you will come to the OC campus to participate.

Yes! The lessons are all online. It is self-paced but you should expect the students to do about one lesson per week to be ready for the National Cyber League. The online lessons will be available starting Sept. 1.

All of the students on the Cyber Eagle team will participate under the Cyber Eagles club. Parts of the competition involve a sub-team, and these sub-teams will be formed by the coach near the start of the competition. These will be virtual teams and are not required to be together on the OC campus.

OC Enrollment Deadline Jan. 7, 2024

NCL Spring 2024 schedule coming soon!

Email for more information, inquiries or support.