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TeamOC Group Fitness Class Schedule

Oklahoma Christian University challenges faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends, whether you're a beginner or highly experienced, to get on a fitness kick. TeamOC offers you fitness plans, activities and support to get you on the right track.

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Summer 2024 Schedule

4/29 - 8/24, 2024


11:00 am Water Aerobics - Merel Neil (Pool)

12:00 pm Body and Soul: Strength & Flexibility - Arianne (MLC 3rd Floor)

1:00 pm Stretch & Structure - Arianne (MLC 3rd Floor)

4:30 pm Boot Camp - Natalie Grounds (PAC Rec Gym)


07:00 am Power Yoga - Brandon Norris (PAC Rec Gym)


11:00 am Water Aerobics - Merel Neil (Pool)

11:30 am Body and Soul: Cardio - Arianne Gillham (MLC 3rd Floor)


07:00 am Power Yoga - Brandon Norris (PAC Rec Gym)


11:00 am Water Aerobics - Merel Neill (Pool)

11:30 am Body and Soul: CSFIT - Arianne Gillham (MLC 3rd Floor)


08:30 am Power Yoga - Brandon Norris (PAC Rec Gym)

Required Registrations

KICKBOXING: Registration for Spring 2024 is open.

Intermediate: Register

Beginner: Register

Upcoming Class Cancelation and Relocations

Click here for closures & announcements!

  • Monday 4:30pm Boot Camp Canceled 6/17 & 24

TeamOC Class Descriptions

Stretch & Structure

You sit at a desk for 6+ hours a day. Give yourself 40 minutes to counteract that. You deserve it! This class consists of stretching, being still in alignment and range of motion movements. This promotes musculoskeletal health, which enables structural alignment so your body can move as intended and can reduce pain from body imbalance.

Body & Soul: Cardio

Get your heart pumping and get around 5000 steps in just 45 minutes.

Traditional cardio class to contemporary Christian music.

Body & Soul: Strength and Flexibility

Improve your overall body strength using hand-held weights and improve your flexibility with Pilates.

Body & Soul: CSFIT

Cardio Strength Fitness Interval Training (CSFIT) is Interval training that combines strength, working the major muscle groups, and cardio to get your heart pumping.

Boot Camp

Mixes traditional calisthenics and body-weight exercises with interval cardio training for a great full-body workout.

Devotional Yoga

A true mind, body and soul exercise. Also incorporates devotional time.

HP 203 - Heritage Plaza

Power Yoga

Yoga combined with body-weight strength training. Builds strong balanced muscles, as well as a strong core.


Put on your boxing gloves and come enjoy a full-body workout. In this class, we will use a boxing bag while we use basic boxing and MMA moves to strengthen our arms, legs and core while getting a great cardio burn!

Intermediate: Register

Beginner: Register

The $35 fee goes toward the cost of wrist wraps and gloves that you get to keep. If you have your own gloves and wraps you may register at the BYO price of $25. You will be required to bring your gloves and wraps to every class otherwise you will not be able to participate fully.

If you are NOT an OC Student or Employee you will also need to purchase a membership to the Dub.

If you only want to attend group fitness classes we recommend the Fitness Classes pass for only $52.25 for 12 months.