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Oklahoma State Senate Bill 787, affecting all public and private colleges and universities, mandates that students show proof of immunization for Hepatitis B (series of three injections) and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella series of two). Also, all new students in campus housing will be required to sign a waiver of informed refusal or be vaccinated for meningitis.

The Oklahoma Christian University Board of Trustees passed a resolution that exempts students who meet any of the following conditions from providing documentation from a physician demonstrating compliance with the requirements for vaccination regarding hepatitis B, mumps, measles or rubella (MMR):

  • Students graduating from Oklahoma high schools beginning with May 2003 graduates
  • Full or part-time students who graduated from high schools in other states with immunization laws similar to Oklahoma's law regarding the diseases specified in Senate Bill 787
  • Concurrently enrolled high school students
  • Students transferring from another Oklahoma college or university after fall 2004
  • Non-degree-seeking students and students provisionally admitted (students taking nine credit hours or less)
  • Students who are active or reserve military
  • Adult students born before 1956 are exempt from the MMR only
  • Students enrolled in Higher Education Centers and other learning sites authorized by the Oklahoma State Regents (Training Centers, Downtown Consortium, Business outreach classes and Technology Centers)

Oklahoma State Law requires all college students to show proof of the following immunizations.