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Transfer of Credit

Transfer students are those who have completed 16 or more college level hours since graduating from high school and before attending Oklahoma Christian University.

For Transfer Students from Other College or Universities

  1. Use our self-service credit evaluation tool to estimate how your existing coursework may apply.
  2. Submit a completed application for admission.
  3. Submit an official high school transcript (waived for students who have completed 24 or more semester hours of college credit).
  4. Submit official academic transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended. Transfer students must be eligible to re-enter schools previously attended.

Transfer credits will be accepted from nationally and regionally accredited colleges and universities upon approval of the Registrar. A maximum of 65 semester hours from community colleges may be applied toward degree requirements.

Credit By Exam for Unaccredited Work

If you have taken and passed a course at an unaccredited institution and wish to validate that work through the procedures outlined in OC’s Credit by Exam policy in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog and College of Outreach and Innovation, you may do so. Feel free to use our self-service credit evaluation tool for an unofficial review.

Self-Service Credit Evaluation Tool

This credit is considered equivalent to transfer work and does not satisfy the requirements calling for 30 semester hours in residence or the requirement calling for one-half of the major at OC.

Students with Associate or Baccalaureate Degrees from Another Institution

If you transfer to OC with an associate degree designed to provide the core curriculum background for a baccalaureate degree, OC will consider the hours taken before coming to OC when determining your core curriculum requirements. The associate degree program must include at least 30 hours in courses typically required for the core curriculum with at least one course in the following seven categories: communication, math, American citizenship, behavioral/social science, literature/fine arts, science, and global civilization.

If you have fulfilled at least five of these categories prior to coming to OC, you will be able to complete courses on campus to fulfill up to two deficient areas in the seven categories. You also will be required to complete the following at OC: three to six hours of Bible, including BIBL-4533: Capstone: Christ, Calling, and Career. Those completing a second baccalaureate degree at OC will be covered by the same policy. You may transfer all approved courses from an accredited community college. A maximum of 65 hours from a community college will apply toward a degree.

Note: You must satisfy the specific course provisions for the B.S.E. and other programs requiring specific courses for the core curriculum.

First-Time Transfer Students to OC

Transfer students must take the following number of hours in Bible at OC:

Transfer HoursRequired OC Bible Hours
1 to 2912*
30 to 599*
60 to 896*
90 or more3*

Or reach a total of 12 hours, including transfer hours.

*The number of Bible hours required for transfer students is determined at the time of your initial enrollment at OC. Subsequent transfer hours do not affect the number of hours required. All transfer students must take, at a minimum, BIBL-4533: Capstone: Christ, Calling, and Career.

Post-Enrollment Transfer Credit

Students who are enrolled at OC may receive credit for courses taken at another institution, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Obtain written approval on a Transfer Course Approval Form before registering for the courses at another institution.
  • Approval for courses within the major must come from the Program Chair for that major.
  • Approval for core curriculum courses must come from the Registrar.

Limitation of Transfer Credit

Once a bachelor’s degree-seeking student begins at OC, they may not transfer in more than 15 hours of credit to count toward graduation, of which no more than six upper-division hours of their major can be transferred back to OC. Transfer credit in the major must be approved by the student’s major programs, as explained above. Similarly, once an associate’s degree-seeking student begins at OC, they may not transfer in more than seven hours of credit to count toward graduation.

Specific programs may have additional transfer restrictions.

Technical or vocational credits are not eligible for transfer and may not, therefore, be used to satisfy degree requirements.

Current OC students must have transfer credit approved prior to enrolling in a class away from the OC campus. A Transfer Request Approval Form is available on myOC and in the Student Advocacy Center.

A course may not be taken at another college or university to replace a grade for any course that has been taken at OC except in extraordinary circumstances.

Articulation Agreements

A Transfer Release Form is required for students transferring from another U.S. college or university. It must be signed by the applicant and completed by the current institution that holds the student’s current I-20 record. Please note that students must hold legal status in the United States to be eligible for admission.

International Articulation Agreements

Domestic Articulation Agreements

Transfer Course Approval Form

Click on this link to fill out the form, complete your portion of it, and return it to the Office of the Registrar, located in Cogswell-Alexander Hall.

Air Force ROTC Credit

You have a unique opportunity to join the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps while attending OC. A cooperative agreement exists between OC and the University of Oklahoma that exempts OC students from paying most fees and insurance at OU. Basically, the only cost to you is for the AFROTC credit hour(s). AFROTC classes meet on the OU campus, which is approximately 45 minutes from OC. AFROTC offers a variety of scholarships in computer science, engineering, and other majors that you can pursue at OC. After completion of the degree and the AFROTC program, you will be commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force and also have a guaranteed job after graduation. For more information, contact the University of Oklahoma.

Army ROTC Credit

Two-, three-, and four-year programs are available to you through a cooperative agreement between OC and the University of Central Oklahoma. This allows you to commute to UCO and attend Army ROTC classes while continuing to pursue your degree at OC. Through the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, the Department of Military Science offers two programs. After completion of the degree and the ROTC program, you will be commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, the Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard. For more information, contact UCO.

Acceptance of Military Credits

This provides information regarding students bringing military educational credits into OC and applying them to their degree programs.

The Joint Services Transcript or the Community College of the Air Force Transcript is submitted by the student to the university. The JST provides a summary of the individual’s military course completions and training and shows the credit that is recommended by the American Council on Education. The ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Service is available and searchable online as well.

OC will grant credit, in accordance with the ACE recommendations, for basic training and any military courses that have been completed at the vocational certificate, lower-division undergraduate and upper-division undergraduate levels. The Transfer Credit Evaluation for a student will typically show generic credit at 100 level for lower-division recommendations and 300-level credit for upper-division recommendations.

We do not award credit for military experience or “military occupational specialty” credit. We also do not accept transfer credit awarded from other institutions based on military experience or MOS credit.