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Bib­li­cal Studies

Learn His story. Tell His story. You are invited to engage with the Bible as a part of each of OC’s degree plans or as one of the Biblical Studies majors. You may find the Bible becomes an important part of YOUR story.

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  • 97% of graduates highly rate their education
  • 1/3 Bible major alumni equally divide among grad school, ministry and humanitarian support
  • 100% grad school & seminary acceptance among applicants
  • 500 students/faculty/staff involved with mission opportunities

Your Career Awaits

Josiah Javellana ('22) pursued a degree in Bible to follow in the footsteps of his father and to challenge and grow his own faith story. His degree has challenged him to dive deeper into his faith and discover how his career and faith collide. Follow in his footsteps with your own Bible & Ministry degree!

Fast For­ward to a dual degree from the Grad­u­ate School of The­ol­o­gy with advanced studies.

Dual Degree

Career Paths

A degree from OC’s College of Biblical Studies provides the skills necessary to pursue rewarding careers in:

  • Preaching Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Mission Work
  • Vocational Ministry
  • Higher Education
  • Non-Profits
  • Chaplaincy
  • Relief Services
  • Religious Organizations
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Bib­li­cal Stud­ies Scholarship

You could be one of fifteen new students receiving a $4,000 scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year. Bible, Bible & Ministry, Preaching, Children's Ministry, Missions and Youth Ministry majors apply!

OC Bible professor with student

Jobs & Salary

Earnings potential starting | median | 5 years experience salaries

Preaching Ministry

$33,300 | $35,818 | $62,500

Children’s Ministry

$23,800 | $36,714 | $43,000

Youth Ministry

$21,650 | $38,875 | $46,500

Home Health Care Chaplain

Median salary $54,090

Community & Relief Services

Median salary $45,800

Grantmaking services

Median salary $63,910

Based on averages from,,,,,,, and Bureau of Labor Statistics

Min­istry Certificates

Move your ministry to the next level. Become certified with highly specialized training to prepare for challenges, to lead with intentionally, to make sure your ministry is following God's path and to build a team of like-minded volunteers.

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Chil­dren’s Min­istry Seminar

Experience, in addition to education, is essential. Fortunately, OC offers numerous opportunities to grow and apply what you learn in the classroom. Whether you're pursuing the certificate program, or just have a passion for Children's Ministry, this is experiential, educational opportunity for you!

Childrens Ministry

OC Is Home to Com­plex Dialogue

Dr. Jim Baird, Distinguished Professor of Bible & Philosophy, tackles complex dialogues surrounding Christianity. In each episode he asks, "Who is God, Really?"

Take class­es like Evi­dences of Chris­tian­i­ty, Mis­sions in the Con­tem­po­rary World, Teach­ing the Bible and Moral­i­ty and Culture.

Visit & Meet Your Bible Faculty

Meet Stu­dents and Alumni