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Employment Verification Process

All employment verification inquiries should be directed to the Human Resources for an official response. A request may be received for current or former employees from prospective employers, governmental agencies, financial or lending institutions, and other organizations such as rental or social service agencies.

For the protection of our employees and the security of information regarding our employees, phone verification is limited to “yes” and “no” confirmation of the information provided by the caller related to job title, dates of employment, and employment status (current/former, full/part-time) only. Written requests for employment verification must contain the employee's or former employee’s signature authorizing the release of information. In the case of current employees, as a courtesy, HR will notify the employee via their OC email address with a copy of the verification sent.

With signed permission OC will release the following employment information about current and former employees.

  • Employment status
  • Current or last job title
  • Employment dates
  • Salary or wage information, including history
  • Whether the employee is eligible to be rehired

Employment Verification requests can be sent to:
Fax: 405-425-1250