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History & Traditions

Founded in 1950, Oklahoma Christian University was once named Central Christian College and located in Bartlesville, OK. Only 97 students were enrolled in the junior college. Since then, we’ve grown to over 2,000 students and are an internationally recognized university in Oklahoma City.

History background

Hail to Oklahoma Christian, hail thy purpose full and free. Life and truth for Alma Mater, may thy glories ever be.


First Chapel

Each fall semester, the OC community gathers in The Nest for First Chapel, a tradition that symbolizes unity and purpose. Faculty, dressed in academic regalia, and our president inspire the assembled crowd with messages of encouragement. First Chapel highlights OC's values of academic excellence, spiritual growth and community engagement.

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Alma Mater

Every Monday, the Eagle family gathers in Baugh Auditorium to sing the Alma Mater together, a cherished tradition that celebrates the university and our shared values. "Hail to Oklahoma Christian," penned by Dr. Harold Fletcher, a founding leader and professor, resonates deeply with thousands of OC alumni, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

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Spring Sing

A highlight of OC's annual Spring Visit weekend, Spring Sing attracts hundreds of students and alumni back to campus for a captivating and electrifying celebration. This vibrant student-run production showcases themed musical performances interspersed with lively hosting accompanied by an electrifying live band.

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Mark your calendars for the first weekend in November when OC warmly welcomes our alumni back to campus for Homecoming. Amidst a parade, a musical and basketball games, alumni and students reconnect, reminisce, and celebrate. Academic departments honor alumni achievements, and reunion groups gather across campus.

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OC's Commitment to Spiritual Formation

Where Faith and learning converge

Since its founding, OC has remained deeply connected to the churches of Christ, with a mission to transform lives for Christian faith, leadership and service. As a Christian community guided by the teachings of Jesus, we welcome students of all faith backgrounds and traditions. All students, faculty and staff agree to abide by our covenant when joining the University.

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