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Chapel Reductions

All you need to know about chapel reductions

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See if your situation makes you eligible.

You may be eligible for a chapel reduction based on your class and work schedule.

No. The cafeteria serves lunch until 2:00, so if you have a class that meets until 1:30, you can still make it to the caf!

Yes. You qualify for a 50% reduction of the credits that would have otherwise been required. This policy is in place to try and reduce any burden on you in meeting your chapel goal while still encouraging your spiritual development, which is a core University belief and expectation at Oklahoma Christian. Keep in mind that View 63 provides chapel credits and there will be service project opportunities available each month.

If you have a job that takes place at the same time as 11:00 chapel, you may be eligible for a reduction. In order to receive a chapel reduction, you must have your employer compose an email from their work email account and send it to, or you provide a printed letter on company letterhead, signed by your employer and delivered to the Spiritual Life office.

If you have class until 11:00 chapel, and go to work directly after chapel lasting until at least 1:30, you may be eligible for a reduction. Additionally the converse may be true. If you have work before chapel, and class after chapel until 1:30.

If you live off campus and you do not have classes that both end 30 minutes before or start 30 minutes after chapel (both must be applicable), you may be eligible for a chapel reduction.

A non-traditional student is classified as someone who has already graduated from college, or is older than 24 years of age. If you fall under either of these categories, you are not required to participate in the chapel program. However as part of the OC community you are welcome in the chapel program and we want you to participate when you are able.

No, you have no chapel requirements. But as part of the OC family, the university would love to have you participate when you are able.

Yes. However, you will be given a reduction based on an average of chapel days you miss during the school year, which will be decided prior to the semester by the Athletic Department and Spiritual Life office.

You may be eligible for a reduction, but you must contact the Student Success office to determine eligibility first.

Yes, but you must have your supervisor or teacher send the Spiritual Life program confirmation of your clinical/practicum hours.

No. During the semester when you are student teaching you will not have any chapel requirements.

Yes, you are required to attend chapel.

Yes, you are still required to attend chapel.