Mansions Over the Hilltop

Date recorded: September 24, 2010

Words by: Ira Stamphill

Music by: Ira Stamphill

I’m satisfied with just a cottage below,
A little silver and a little gold;
But in that city where the ransomed will shine,
I want a gold one that’s silver-lined.


Tho’ often tempted, tormented and tested
And, like the prophet, my pillow a stone,
And tho’ I find here no permanent dwelling,
I know He’ll give me a mansion my own.


Don’t think me poor or deserted or lonely,
I’m not discouraged, I’m heaven bound;
I’m just a pilgrim in search of a city,
I want a mansion, a robe and a crown.


I’ve got a mansion just over the hilltop,
In that bright land where we’ll never grow old;
And someday yonder we will never more wander,
But walk the streets that are purest gold

Legacy Comments

Karen Norwood says:

September 14, 2012

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!! Thank you soooo much for these!!!! I do so miss the a capella singing of my youth! It just doesn’t sound the same with instruments! What glorious singing! And songs I’ve not been able to hear in a long time!!! Thank you! What a blessing you have been to me! My Dad passed away a couple of weeks ago, and this and Paradise Valley were 2 of the songs we sang. Thank you! My heart feels so much better!