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Education designed for working adults

Half of Americans who say they were laid off because of the coronavirus outbreak remain unemployed while 60-percent who took a cut in pay continue to earn less than they did before, according to Pew Research. The pandemic certainly dealt a blow to Oklahomans and the state’s economy. Our state suffered a seven-year set back in job growth with 40-percent of Oklahoma households experiencing job-related income loss.

Oklahoma Christian University has launched new programs designed to provide jobs and the education required for a successful career. Three fields that are in great demand stand out: education, healthcare and software. The pandemic may be what inspires some people to consider careers that they previously had not thought about.

Oklahoma desperately needs nurses, teachers and computer scientists, and OC has crafted pathways for most anyone to enter these fields. Some of the new programs even come with a job!

#1 Become a Teacher

Paraprofessionals and those with industry experience have a lot to offer students in the classroom. They make great teachers when given the opportunity.

Can I be a teacher if I don’t have a degree?

Yes, Oklahoma’s public school system hires thousands of paraprofessionals who work as teacher’s assistants and fill other critical positions. It is not possible for most paraprofessionals to leave their job for four years to pursue a teaching degree. Although, with that degree, they could essentially double their salary.

Now, OC offers an online degree that qualifies paraprofessionals to become teachers. This degree helps to meet Oklahoma’s great demand for teachers, and it opens the door for individuals to build a wonderful career. Learn more.

Can I be a teacher if my degree is not in education?

Yes, if you have two years of work experience in your degree field and your major corresponds to an area of study, Oklahoma offers an alternative teacher education certificate. OC’s Academy of Alternative Certification offers two online courses required to place you in the classroom: Classroom Management and Educational Pedagogy. Each course is only four weeks. Both courses are completed in eight weeks for $2,000 for both classes. Learn more.

#2 Become a Nurse

Work in a hospital or clinic while attending nursing school online. Some, or all, of your tuition can be paid for you!

Can I have a job while attending nursing school?

Yes, for those who are compassionate and caring, nursing is the perfect way to make a positive difference. Oklahoma’s need for qualified nurses is great and there are new opportunities to join this highly respected profession. Your acceptance into OC’s online nursing program means you are a college student and an INTEGRIS nursing assistant.

What are the benefits of nursing school?

Oklahoma Christian University’s partnership with INTEGRIS is named INTEGRIS University. Apply, and when you are accepted to the program you get:

  • $1,000 signing bonus
  • A job as a nursing assistant
  • Online classes to earn your bachelor of science in nursing degree
  • Valuable on-the-job experience that also gives you an advantage in your classes
  • INTEGRIS to pay some (or all) of the cost of your tuition

Learn more.

#3 Become a Programmer

Many people have landed on tech teams because they can learn and their company had a great need. Advance your tech career with a master's degree in computer science.

How can I change careers to become a programmer?

Oklahoma Christian University offers a master’s degree in computer science that does not require that your undergraduate degree be in the same field. If you have a degree in another discipline, there are four leveling classes that will get you into the master’s program. Of course it is helpful to be strong in math! Learn more.

What areas can I pursue with a computer science degree?

Areas of emphasis offered by Oklahoma Christian University’s master’s degree in computer science are cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data science and software engineering. Professionals in these fields are in very high demand. And, 33% of employers say they are now hiring individuals with master’s degrees to fill positions previously held by those with a bachelor’s degree.

The global pandemic has shaken the economy and job markets worldwide. It can be difficult to change direction and pursue a new career path. Oklahoma Christian has advisors who are ready to help you through all aspects of enrollment, financial services and academic success. What will your new career look like?