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Nursing RN-to-BSN

Get a 20% discount through 2023! Save money by accelerating your pace online. A 4-month subscription gives you access to the whole program for $4,000 ($3,200 for RNs). Some students finished the entire degree in 4 months, while the average length is 12 months and $12,000.

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RNs get a 20% dis­count on their BSN through 2023!

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Pro­gram Highlights

  • Test out of as many classes as you can in 4 months for $4,000!
  • 100% online
  • Competency-based Education (go straight to the exam and earn credit for your skills)
  • Classes start each month
  • Average time & cost is 12 months for $12k
  • Financial aid is available to students who qualify

Research Proves It!

Patients receive better outcomes and hospitals save money when nurses with a bachelor’s degree are on the scene.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees are valuable to health care administrators and most large health care organizations pay for it. Oklahoma Christian financial advisors walk with you through tuition sponsorship, tuition reimbursement or student-paid accounts. Federal financial aid is available for students who qualify.

Cost of the Program

Now, RNs get a 20% discount through 2023! Online classes allow you to save money by accelerating your pace! A 4-month subscription gives you access to the whole program for $4,000. (Some students have finished the entire degree in 4 months!) Complete as many of the 45 competencies as you can in each subscription period. Many students complete the degree in 12 months for total tuition cost of $12,000. That’s ½ the cost of other RN-to-BSN programs!

How to pay

Our financial advisors can guide you in discovering what tuition benefits your health care organization offers or discuss payment options available for nursing students. For financial aid, contact OC's Financial Services.

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Experience Earns You Credit

Your on-the-job experience applies toward your degree.

Online learning modules are designed for you to move ahead if you already know the class material. Test out of skills and knowledge to breeze through some parts, and dive into less familiar territory to expand your professional knowledge and qualifications.

45 competencies are divided among nine categories:

Nursing Redefined (Role Expansion)

Recognizes the additional knowledge, skill, and responsibilities of the BSN-prepared nurse beyond the role of associate-degree nurse. The expansion of the role offers increased opportunities for leadership, career development, and achievement.

Health Care Advocacy (Communication)

Communicates clearly, effectively, and collaboratively with individuals, families, communities, and other health care providers to positively affect client outcomes. Communication includes written, oral, or electronic means.

Managing Successful Nursing Teams

Provides clinically competent, culturally appropriate nursing care to individuals, families, and communities. The care provided is based upon evidence-based practice and knowledge from the liberal arts and applied sciences.

Evidence-Based Nursing (Research)

Demonstrates leadership through organizing, delegating, supervising, and evaluating the care provided by self and others. Effectively distributes resources to ensure quality health outcomes.

Emerging Nursing Interventions (Clinical Practice)

Provides care that integrates current research with clinical judgment and patient values to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Lifesaving Critical Thinking

Uses objective analysis and creative thinking to draw conclusions and devise a course of action.

Servant Leadership

Models the Christian characteristics of humility, compassion, integrity, and respect for others in order to assist the person, family and/or community to achieve optimum levels of wellness across the lifespan.

Healthy Societies (Population Health)

Provides and organizes nursing care that emphasizes prevention of disease, health promotion, and control of communicable diseases to improve the health of individuals, families, and groups in a variety of community health settings.

Personal Vision Mapping (Professional Role)

Executes the role of the nurse leader congruent with legal and ethical principles, and Christian ideals.

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