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Academy of Alternative Certification

Oklahoma needs teachers!

Students need you!

Oklahoma Christian University is helping to fill the teacher shortage with affordable alternative placement. The Academy of Alternative Certification launched January 2020, with double the expected enrollment. Students are adults who are leaving behind careers to apply their experience in the classroom.

Oklahoma's alternative placement program provides an opportunity for individuals with non-teaching degrees to teach in Oklahoma accredited schools. Adults who are approved by state board of education to pursue an alternative certification can enroll in OC's Academy of Alternative Certification.

OC's academy offers the courses every candidate needs in streamlined, affordable online classes.

OC's academy offers a simplified enrollment process. A short form gets you started.

The courses, Classroom Management (4 weeks), Educational Pedagogy (4 weeks), Developmental Psychology (8 weeks), and Primary Reading (8 weeks), cost $750 each.

Students who have enrolled in these adult classes come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are women who have put their careers on hold to raise children, others are business people who are interested in investing in Oklahoma's youth. Many are focusing on secondary education with a focus on math, science and history.

Director of Student Teaching and Associate Professor Dr. Allison Cassady teaches some of the courses and interacts with students. She says the need is great, indicated by emergency certifications jumping from an initial 300 up to 3,000 and climbing.

"My students are from all parts of Oklahoma, rural and urban, and I've spoken with almost all of them," said Cassady. "The online environment is highly interactive among peers and flexible to accommodate individual work schedules."

For teachers following the traditional path to certification, OC's School of Education is a 2020 College of Distinction. The program has a widespread reputation for graduates who are ready to take on all of the challenges of managing a classroom and effectively teaching curriculum from the moment they step into their first job. One reason for that success is the required 200-plus hours of in-school practicum, prior to student teaching, that far exceeds the state minimum of 65 hours. The standards of excellence held by Cassady and her fellow professors drive them to high standards for alternatively certified teachers as well.

"We are passionate about education and helping teachers be the best they can be. The desperate need for teachers in Oklahoma truly touches our hearts. It's painful, but we are eager to embrace those who are looking to support children's education," said Cassady.

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