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Admission Requirements

To be accepted, students must complete the following steps:

High School Students

  1. Submit a completed application for admission
  2. Submit a current high school transcript.

Eligible high school juniors may obtain early admission to OC and attend the summer session before their senior year and/or concurrent courses during their senior year of high school. To be granted full admission to Oklahoma Christian, high school students must submit an official high school transcript that shows evidence of graduation.

ACT, SAT or CLT Exams

Under our test-optional policy, first-year students may submit test scores if they feel the results accurately reflect their personal academic ability; however, students are not required to do so if they feel that their scores do not align with their demonstrated academic strength in the classroom. First-year students have the opportunity to select a test-optional admissions review with OC’s application.

Students who do plan to submit ACT, SAT, or CLT test scores are encouraged to take the test during the regular testing periods during your junior or senior year in high school since some scholarship offers are based on test scores.

Residual ACT testing is offered on an appointment basis for those who have applied for admission to Oklahoma Christian. Call 405-425-5050 for an appointment. Residual test scores are mailed directly to the examinee with a copy kept by OC. The testing is given through OC. Residual ACT test scores are not sent to other universities. OC may not administer ACT residual testing on the same day that a national ACT exam is administered. National registration for the ACT exam is made through the national office.

ACT registration packets are normally available at any high school. They also may be ordered by mail by calling 319-337-1270 or by registering online at

Applicants Over 18 Who Have Not Graduated From High School

  1. Submit a completed application for admission
  2. Submit evidence of having passed the GED test.

Transfer Students From Other Colleges or Universities

  1. Submit a completed application for admission
  2. Submit an official high school transcript (waived for students who have
    completed 24 or more semester hours of college credit).
  3. Submit official academic transcripts from all colleges and universities
    previously attended.

Transfer students must be eligible to re-enter schools previously attended. Transfer credits will be accepted from nationally and regionally-accredited colleges and universities upon approval of the Registrar. A maximum of 65 semester hours from community colleges may be applied toward degree requirements.

Transfer Students From Preacher Training Schools

  1. Submit a completed application for admission
  2. Submit an official high school transcript (waived for students who have
    completed 24 or more semester hours of college credit).
  3. Submit a complete official transcript from the preacher training school
  4. Submit official academic transcripts from any other colleges and universities
    previously attended.

International Students

Complete the application for admission online at This
school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students. Undergraduate international students must submit no less than $3,500 as an enrollment deposit before enrolling in classes or securing a housing reservation. The deposit is fully refundable and will go towards the student’s tuition for the first semester. Enrollment deposits may be paid online at

Students must indicate the payment option for which they will pay the remaining portion of their enrollment cost by submitting a Payment Plan Form no later than two weeks before the first day of classes. Payment options include: an Installment Payment Plan (IPP), a loan from the student’s home country, or making a cash payment equal to the amount of the remaining balance.

Proof of English Proficiency

Applicants who have not studied in a country where English is the PRIMARY language of instruction must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) and arrange for the testing agency to send the test results to Oklahoma Christian University. The required TOEFL score is 61 IBT and IELTS is 6.0.

B.A. Degree Language Requirement

International students must successfully complete the Communication 9 hour sequence at OC with a grade of “C” or above in each course to meet the language requirement for the B.A. degree. They must also provide proof of a primary language other than English. See the Registrar’s Office to complete this requirement.

Academic Documentation

Original or officially certified copies of all grade reports for all secondary and higher education studies, as well as original or officially certified copies of all academic diplomas, certificates, and national or other major examination results, must be submitted, along with an official English translation certified by the educational institution.

Financial Documentation

An applicant must provide proof of adequate funds, $34,775 per year, to live and study full-time at Oklahoma Christian University. Applicants must submit a completed Financial Worksheet accompanied by an original bank verification letter or statement. The U.S. government requires this certification before OC can issue the appropriate U.S. government forms necessary for obtaining a visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate.

Statement of Understanding

An applicant must submit Oklahoma Christian University’s Statement of Understanding outlining rules and expectations of the University. Once the above documents have been received and approved, a Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant (F-1) Student Status Form I-20 can be issued for those students requiring a student visa.

Transfer Students

A Transfer Release Form is required for international students transferring from another U.S. college or university. It must be signed by the applicant and completed by the current institution which holds the student’s current I-20 record. Please note that students must hold legal status in the United States to be eligible for admission.

Admission to OC

Upon admission, first-time students and transfer students receive an I-20 and F-1 visa instructions from the Admissions Records Office in the Student Advocacy Center at OC. OC provides a wide range of support and services for international students. Assistance is provided in university enrollment, visa compliance, cross-cultural adjustment, and tutoring. You are invited to join the International-American Association, the campus association promoting cross- cultural friendships and awareness.