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Oklahoma Christian University Announces Ike’s Promise

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Ike the Eagle with students

Amid the alarming statistics related to national student loan debt, there is some good news. Oklahoma Christian University will begin offering full tuition to qualifying students. Full-tuition offers have often been limited to community colleges and state universities, making the benefits of a private, Christian education out of reach for lower income families. Oklahoma Christian is setting out to change that.

Ike high 5
Ike celebrates the inclusiveness of the new full-tuition scholarship offer.

The new program is called Ike’s Full-Tuition Promise, named for OC’s mascot, Ike the Eagle.

The goal is to make an OC university experience achievable for everyone, and particularly for families who previously considered private, Christian education out of financial reach.

That’s why OC is launching Ike’s Full-Tuition Promise. Beginning with first-time students of Fall 2020, Ike’s Promise is a last-dollar scholarship program that guarantees that students from high need backgrounds can attend Oklahoma Christian University tuition-free. The cost to the student is housing and meals, which are about $4,000 per semester.

Ike’s Promise works alongside state and federal grants to make up the difference in tuition expenses for qualifying students. Students apply for federal and state grants and OC scholarships. Whatever amount is not covered, OC will make up the difference in tuition.

Higher education is a cornerstone of the American dream and more than two-thirds of American high school students choose to go to college. Many of those students perform better in smaller class sizes and benefit from individualized attention offered through opportunities to perform undergraduate research, join professional societies and compete with national academic teams.

This year more than 80,000 high school seniors nationwide will consider Oklahoma Christian among their college options, and many among them will come from high-need backgrounds. Ike’s Promise will go a long way in providing greater education choices for families with limited income.

Eligibility requirements and details of Ike’s Promise can be found on the school’s web site at

Oklahoma Christian University is a higher learning community transforming lives for Christian faith, scholarship and service with a 14-to-one student teacher ratio. Driven by missions - not just majors, OC believes everyone has an important significance to this world. Located at 2501 East Memorial Road on a 200 acre residential campus, OC is home to ambitious progress and Ike’s Full-Tuition Promise.