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Ike's Promise

Dream of a private college education without the financial burden? Look no further! Oklahoma Christian University's Ike's full-tuition promise removes financial barriers, making a top-notch education accessible to all, especially for families who once thought private Christian education was beyond their reach.

IKE Talons Up

Ike's Promise is a scholarship that covers the balance of your tuition after other scholarship and grant offers have been applied.

FREE Tuition for Qualifying First-Time Students

As a student at OC, you'll receive a personalized education with enriching experiences bringing learning to life. You won't just be a number here, but rather an individual who can immerse themselves in unique hands-on learning opportunities. OC offers experiences ranging from dissecting cadavers to building aircraft, with investment portfolios and film production in between. You can even perform at prestigious venues or launch your own innovative business. All of these skills and experiences will elevate the value of your degree far beyond compare.


FAFSA SAI <720 or full Pell Grant recipient or Oklahoma's Promise scholarship

First-time college student

ACT score of 20+ or SAT of 1020+ or CLT of 66 plus

Apply for FAFSA annually

Apply for state grants & OC scholarships

Live on campus


A degree from a prestigious, private university

Residential community

Classes taught with a foundation of faith, character and principles

Faculty who invest in your individual success

NEW cafeteria 2020

Making OC affordable for students from all financial backgrounds, that's Ike's Promise!

Apply to Qualify
Student Success

Support for Students

OC wants every student to flourish! As a recipient of Ike's Promise, you will also be eligible for tutoring and assistance from OC's Student Success as well as guidance and coaching to discover your calling and career from Day Six.


If we don't have your question covered, email

FREE tuition with Ike’s Promise is a “you do your part and we’ll do ours” contract. If you pursue the federal and state grants for which you’re qualified, and if you achieve at the highest level you can across OC’s other scholarship awards, then we’ll make up the difference on your tuition.

Ike’s Promise is a last-dollar guarantee, meaning other OC awards do not stack above the full-tuition commitment. In rare cases, this means a qualified student might not receive any funding directly from Ike. For example, an exceptional student with a high merit award and maximum state and federal grants would not receive Ike funds because that student’s tuition is already met in full.

Ike loves it when ambitious students go after scholarships from local businesses, churches, non-profits and more. Excluding state and federal grants (since those are required within Ike’s Promise), any funding you bring to campus from an outside source (such as your church) will stack ABOVE Ike’s Promise up to the full cost of room, board and fees.

Living on campus takes your OC experience to another level—academically, spiritually and socially. Studies also show that students who live on campus perform better through school and persist through graduation at higher rates. That’s what we want for you!

Yes, Ike’s Promise is guaranteed up to eight semesters, as long as you:

  • File your FAFSA each year and continue to qualify based on EFC, Pell and/or OK Promise status
  • Remain a full-time student
  • Live on-campus
  • Earn and keep a 2.5 cumulative GPA

Apply to OC and all of the information we need will be in your application. Once your application is processed and you are accepted as a student, you will receive an award letter. This letter will inform you of all of the scholarship opportunities available to you. You do not need to fill out a separate application for Ike's Promise.

Girls in Brew Studying

Financial Aid

So, you don’t qualify for Ike’s Promise? Remember, 95% of Eagles receive scholarships and aid. We are confident that we can put together a scholarship strategy that makes OC affordable for you. Raise your talons high and celebrate that you’re choosing a community that cares about students from all backgrounds and family incomes.