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Imago Dei Names and Defines DEI Efforts

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Last month, President John deSteiguer announced the formation of a committee tasked with creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) campus. This committee has defined a mission, initiated a glossary of terms and named the comprehensive efforts Imago Dei.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at Oklahoma Christian University is rooted in the fact that each of us is created in the image of God. The acronym, DEI, is reflected in the Latin word for God. Imago Dei, or image of God defines the purpose of DEI on the OC campus. As an image bearer of Christ we have place, purpose and voice. We are continuously being transformed more and more into his likeness. We are all called to be Imago Dei.

Imago Dei Mission Statement

As a community aspiring to be Christ-like, we intentionally advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion to be principles represented within Oklahoma Christian University's student body, faculty and staff.

The Christian Imperative

There is an inextricable relationship between equity (justice) and diversity and inclusion. OC asserts that its DEI goals are both moral and practical imperatives for a community aspiring to follow Christian principles and as an institution striving to achieve excellence. Consistent with these values, OC recognizes the necessity of acknowledging past and present transgressions as a critical step toward realizing the goals of a morally just and practically effective organization. Such acknowledgement motivates a duty to repent of these actions demonstrated by the creation of a better, more just and welcoming space for Black, Indigenous, and people of color to move (BIPOC) to contribute to and participate in the academic, social and spiritual benefits of the University. Therefore, the University will strive through all its policies, processes and practices to create and maintain a community of students, faculty and staff that is diverse in its representation of God’s full array of humanity, that is just in its treatment of all and in its distribution of opportunity, and that welcomes all to participate fully and enjoy the benefits of this community. (Luke 10: 25, Micah 6: 8, Galatians 3: 27, Isaiah 58: 6-12)

Imago Dei Goals

This program is intended to provide a broad range of meaningful and flexible professional development opportunities for OC faculty and staff and students. Recognizing that cultural competence is now a reasonable and universal professional expectation, OC accepts its responsibility to provide training and developmental programming to help all employees achieve this professional qualification while simultaneously providing for the collective good a workplace that appropriately attends to the priority of racial diversity.

Employees and students are encouraged to engage this program not only as recipients of the training but also as contributors. By attending and participating in the activities described below employees will have a broad range of opportunities to demonstrate that they have met a reasonable professional standard of cultural competence.