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OC Commits to Greater Strides in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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President John deSteiguer, the seventh president in Oklahoma Christian University's 70-year history, has set out to make amends for discriminatory actions of the past and lead the university toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future. President deSteiguer concluded that the annual History Speaks event, led by Gary Jones, assistant dean of students, is not enough to end racism on campus.

President deSteiguer called upon Gary Jones and Terry Winn, chief human resources officer, to co-chair a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) task force. This group will launch a new OC Center for Diversity, invite leading DEI voices to speak on campus, establish a DEI student council, require comprehensive DEI training for all faculty, staff and students, offer DEI reading groups and improve the Title VI reporting process.

Committee members include Lonna West, Amy Janzen, Ellie Kirkner, Gary Jones, Regina Kenton, Sarah Horton, Stephen Eck, Wes McKinzie, Gail Nash, Robert Edison, Terry Winn and student representatives Trinity Carpenter and Elise Miller.