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Tovar Soars to New Heights, Oklahoma Christian Offers Concurrent Classes for All Students

Pablo Tovar

Pablo Tovar is the man to beat when it comes to exceeding high expectations. Hailing from Oklahoma City, Tovar has the drive to achieve whatever he puts his mind to and has thus become a modern renaissance man. He’s an Accounting and Finance major who can act, sing and dance. He was also not only the 100th student to enroll at Epic Charter Schools, making him a pioneer of the school, but he also conquered the course work, skillfully earning Valedictorian of the 2021 graduating class. And while these are great feats on their own, he expected nothing less of himself, overcoming any obstacle life had in store.

“To me it was natural,” Tovar said. “I was honestly really thankful. I was surprised, but also not, to be named valedictorian. A lot of hard work paid off.”

At the beginning of his high school career, Tovar was diagnosed with a rare eye disease that causes gradual blindness, X-linked juvenile retinoschisis. While the news shocked him and created an extra obstacle as he entered a new stage of life, it challenged him and presented him with a new perspective.

“I couldn’t look at the computer for more than 15 minutes without feeling dizzy,” Tovar said. “It showed me how it’s easier for people with no vision problems because they can read a computer screen or a book so naturally. I have to strain my eyes to focus. But, I appreciate it because I understand more what hard work truly can do for me.”

Tovar learned to navigate his new diagnosis and excel in a rigorous education, prevailing over the challenges life presented him.

Tovar credits some of his success to his ability to access concurrent courses, allowing him to knock out college credit in high school. While he earned his credits from another university, he encourages students to take advantage of OC’s offerings.

“I would recommend [taking concurrent classes] because [they] help you move faster,” Tovar said. “And it actually makes it so much easier when you get to college.”

Tovar’s story emphasizes the importance of flexible academic opportunities. In addition to OC’s alternative certification and online degree offerings for students, high school students can take concurrent courses before ever stepping foot on OC’s campus.

Any junior or senior high school student can apply to take concurrent courses through OC, not only allowing students to save money and get ahead on their credits, but also giving them their first taste of the OC experience.

And, according to Tovar, it’s an experience worth having.

With contagious excitement for the future, a newfound passion for numbers and already ahead on credits from his own concurrent work, Tovar found his home at Oklahoma Christian University as an Accounting and Finance major. He quickly melded with other students and earned a role in the 2021 Homecoming Musical, Willy Wonka. His unique experience represents the variety and depth of our students, and the benefits of offering a variety of educational opportunities.

Follow in Tovar’s footsteps and jump into concurrent courses to get ahead in your college career!