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graduate student

Congratulations Spring 2020 Graduates!

You did it! You worked hard, you had fun and you finished. We are proud of you for reaching this important milestone of achievement. It's official, your degree has been conferred.

Today's celebration is like non-other! Follow us on social media for virtual hugs and high fives. Check out the post and stories on Instagram and Facebook for videos like this one of faculty and staff sending you all of the love.


You're an alum now! You're still in the family, but now your role has changed to that of an older sibling. You are looked up to with respect. You have the sway to lead those who follow behind.

You are our product, the reason we exist. Oklahoma Christian University is only as good as our alumni and great things are expected of you. You are men and women of integrity, faith and grace who make us proud.

We won't see you as often, but it's important to stay in touch. Here are some important dates to return HOME:

Graduation! rescheduled for August 29


Lighting of the Commons

History Speaks

Spring Sing

and anytime you are in the neighborhood!