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OC Responds to COVID-19

The call to Love Your Neighbor is more important than ever! As students return to campus for the Spring semester, our community works to always consider the wellness of others over inconvenience to self.

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COVID-19 Task Force

President John deSteiguer and leading infectious disease expert Dr. Jeff McCormack discuss task force plans for the health and safety of Eagles who return to campus in January.

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Cam­pus Cleaning

Healthy distancing in shared campus spaces and increased cleanliness and sanitation protocols are in place to implement CDC best practice guidelines as OC's COVID-19 Task Force works to ensure the health and safety of all Eagles. Updated July 28.

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Per­son­al Health Plan

Students, faculty, staff and campus visitors will commit to safety practices to Love Your Neighbor well, always considering the wellness of one another over inconvenience to self. Updated July 28.

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COVID-19 Frontlines

Panic, fear and anxiety permeated hospital culture before our first COVID-19 patient arrived. Now nurses, doctors and staff have unified to have each other's backs. Ultimately, our goal is to see our patients get better.

Anna Dindak|'19 alum / COVID-19 Nurse|Dallas Ft. Worth Hospital
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