Coronavirus updates to keep our campus informed, safe and healthy.

OC Responds to COVID-19

A global pandemic has changed what we do: classes, graduation, athletic competitions, performances and events. But it has not changed who we are, we are 100% Eagles. We are missional. We are innovating. We are challenging. We are personal. Our community is making a difference!

Okla­homa’s Test­ing Great­ly Expanded

Dean of Natural and Health Science Jeff McCormack led the charge to multiply Oklahoma’s COVID-19 testing capacity. The combined efforts of Dean McCormack and Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma launched testing services capable of processing 360 COVID-19 tests daily, adding to the Okla. State Dept. of Health's 100 tests per day.

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Encour­age­ment from Friends

Love and support for OC are pouring in from friends everywhere. Here are four extra special messages! A sweet love note to OC from Jen Hatmaker, Rick Atchley talks about anxiety while social distancing, and Oklahoma Senator James Lankford tells of a memorable Easter.

Jen Hatmaker

Grace for All

We are in uncharted territory, all of us. Our #1 COVID-19 theme is GRACE! Grace for faculty lecturing to a tiny camera. Grace for students dealing with disruption of person and place. Grace for leadership who must make decisions in an uncertain future.

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COVID-19 Frontlines

Panic, fear and anxiety permeated hospital culture before our first COVID-19 patient arrived. Now nurses, doctors and staff have unified to have each other's backs. Ultimately, our goal is to see our patients get better.

Anna Dindak|'19 alum / COVID-19 Nurse|Dallas Ft. Worth Hospital
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