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Financial Aid 1-2-3's of OC Financial Aid

We recommend that you complete this process early due to limited funding for some programs.

  1. Complete the OC Application for Admission
  2. Complete the FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    • OC's Title IV code - 003165
    • Renew annually - required for federal assistance
    • Let us know - contact Financial Services if you do not wish to receive federal assistance
  3. Accept your awards
    Your financial aid award email will show all types of financial aid you are eligible to receive from Oklahoma Christian including scholarships, grants, loans and work study. Select the “Accept Awards” tab to accept, reduce or decline a student loan.

Learn about Special Conditions for Financial Hardship

Sources of Financial Aid

As an OC student, you can receive financial aid from:

OC’s Scholarships and Grants

Oklahoma Christian Financial Aid Forms
Verification Forms
Discount Forms

Federal Government

Pell Grant
  • Student: undergraduate students only
  • Amount: based on the family’s need as determined by the government
  • Repayment required: No
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • Student: undergraduate students only
  • Amount: based on student’s financial need and the availability of funds at the school
  • Repayment required: No
Federal Work-Study Program
  • Students: undergraduate and graduate
  • Work: The inclusion of work-study on your financial aid offer only indicates eligibility. It is not a guarantee of a job.
  • Apply: The student is responsible for contacting potential supervisors and finding a job.
Direct Loans
  1. Subsidized
  2. Unsubsidized

REPAYMENT begins six months after the student drops below half-time enrollment. The minimum monthly payment is $50 per month. However, the maximum repayment term is ten years; therefore, your monthly payment may be higher.

FIRST-TIME BORROWERS must complete loan entrance counseling before any funds can be issued.

Federal Resources

Resources to help you manage your federal financial aid.

State Government

If you’re an Okie, you may be eligible for state scholarships and financial aid programs, despite the fact that OC is a private educational institution that receives no state tax subsidies for operations.

Outside Scholarships

High school juniors, now is the time to search out scholarships. Check out these links for opportunities that could help you pay for college.

Scholarship Search Engines
Local Non-profit Organizations

Look for scholarships locally and within your community. Start with organizations such as Kiwanis, Jaycees and Rotary Clubs. Also, check with high school booster clubs.

Employer Tuition Assistance

Active Military

Military service members should contact their Educational Services Office (ESO) or counselor within their Military Service prior to enrolling at OC.


You are a valued employee at a company willing to invest in you! Congratulations. Please submit a completed Employer Reimbursement Form before the first day of class as proof that tuition will be covered, and remember to update the form for each academic term (8-week enrollment period) or semester (16-week enrollment period).

Students may opt to defer their account payment for a 2.5% deferment fee each semester. The fee will be charged against the total outstanding balance. Fees, charges or costs for the term which are not covered by the employer reimbursement agreement must be paid in full by the specified billing due date (typically the first day of classes).

Students are responsible for payment. Oklahoma Christian University will not initiate billing to your employer unless the employer requests billing as a requirement of proof of enrollment and costs. Notify OC Financial Services Office of any change in employment that invalidates the form to determine the best course of action for account payment.

All forms required by your employer should be copied to Financial Services for each enrolled term (8-week enrollment period) or semester (16-week enrollment period). Most employers have something in place through the Human Resources or Benefits office that can be provided to OC.

Frequently Asked Questions