Tanzania (Chimala Mission)

Tanzania (Chimala Mission)
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Application due: November 15, 2014

Chimala, Tanzania
May 2015
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Kendra Ribble (email)
kendra.ribble@oc.edu (email)

SERVICE, RELATIONSHIPS, CULTURE – This is what you will experience at the Chimala Mission.  Teaching children, working in a hospital, organizing a VBS, and working on building and construction projects are just a few ways you can serve in Chimala.  The Chimala Mission serves southern Tanzania and northern Zambia through health care, education, economic development and working with churches.  Through these service opportunities you will develop relationships with Tanzanians that will not only be impactful for them, but for you as well.

Chimala Mission works with and serves many churches in southern Tanzania.  One way OC students serve these churches is by planning and putting on VBS’ in nearby village churches.  Not only are the VBS’ teaching young children about the love of God, but they are an encouragement to the entire church community because they see the love and service you offer when visiting their village.

Since its beginning, Chimala Mission Hospital has provided the best quality medical care possible. Now in its 46th year of operation, the hospital continues to strive to adjust to the constant changes of a rapidly progressing country. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world with a per capita income of approximately $200 per year. Considering the statistics, one can see the necessity for the hospital. Along with healing the body, we are helping to heal the soul. Our chaplains and evangelists work daily at the hospital teaching.  OC students can serve alongside hospital staff to bring health and healing to the body and the soul.

In addition to the hospital, Chimala mission is meeting the educational needs of Tanzanians at the primary and secondary school level.  Interacting with these primary and secondary students from Tanzania is the highlight of the project for most OC students.  There is not a more fulfilling experience than sharing knowledge and love with young people.

Finally, there are always ways to serve at the Chimala Mission.  From painting classrooms, to cleaning, to organizing the library, to building a walking bridge, the mission is always in need of hearts and hands that are willing to serve in whatever way they can.

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