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2014 Honors GraduatesThe quest for meaning in the OC Honors Program leads us toward the university’s highest mission outcomes as we seek to exceed the goals for Honors study as articulated by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC).

The OC Honors Program is a member of the NCHC and hosts 160 students from all five of OC’s colleges. The model fits with any OC major. (We do not require any “contract”-based credits; OC’s program avoids contracts and all other “just add extra work” models of Honors study).

The OC Honors Program is the “most rigorous” NCHC model: a core-based, cohort-centered program with core seminar classes led by the university’s teaching scholars.

2015 Honors First Year Students at Land Run Park- "Staking Your Claim".

Most OC Honors students study abroad in the fall or summer of their sophomore year (European Studies or Asian Studies). All Honors students participate in Symposium each Monday and are eligible for Catalyst Grants for their senior capstone projects.

The 40 exceptional freshmen accepted into the program each year participate in a First Year Adventure. Most choose to live in Honors House at Davisson Hall, a designated Honors first-year residence filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For housing questions, email gina.clay@oc.edu.

We recommend applying for Honors admission before December 15; wait-listing usually begins in December. If you have missed the December date, but still want to apply, contact lisa.carroll@oc.edu.

Steve Green tells Honors students about his Passages exhibit.
Hobby Lobby's Steve Green tells Honors students about his Passages exhibit.

The average ACT/SAT per cohort for OC's Honors Program is above 31/1440. National Merit Scholars and Presidential Leadership programs are available by application. Each year, about 25% of our Honors Program students are National Merit Scholars.

Recent Honors alumni have been accepted into leading graduate schools such as Georgetown University, Harvard University, Stanford University, and professional programs such as Vanderbilt and the University of Oklahoma School of Law, and executive and professional placements with leading corporations. An Honors Summer Academy provides inspirational learning opportunities for students following their freshman year of high school.

Honors Admission Application


Dr. Jim Baird

Dr. Jim Baird, Honors Program Director

Lisa Carroll, Honors Program Managing Director


7 University Outcomes

As a Christian Community of Learning, we seek the following university outcomes:

Active Faith

A graduate of Oklahoma Christian University is able to:

  1. Understand the living implications of Christian discipleship and
  2. Demonstrate a mastery of scriptures and doctrine sufficient to support a life of service to the Christian community and the wider society.

Foundational Knowledge 

A graduate of Oklahoma Christian University is able to command a diverse knowledge base and effectively apply it as an educated Christian.

Information Literacy

A graduate of Oklahoma Christian University is able to

  1. Recognize when information is needed, and
  2. Locate, evaluate, and use the needed information effectively and ethically

Structured Reasoning

A graduate of Oklahoma Christian University is able to use the appropriate quantitative and qualitative methodologies to process and organize information into useful forms and models.

Critical and Creative Thinking

A graduate of Oklahoma Christian University is able to reach, accept, or create appropriate conclusions and works after a comprehensive exploration of options, issues, ideas, artifacts, and events.

Effective Communication

A graduate of Oklahoma Christian University is able to use an understanding of how meanings are constructed between people to form relationships and communicate information effectively via oral, written, and interpersonal means.

Personal, Social, and Global Stewardship

A graduate of Oklahoma Christian University is able to:

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the impact the graduate, other individuals, and societies can have on their world, and
  2. Express that awareness with compassion and respect for self and others of similar and different world views and cultures.

These seven university outcomes inform what is done in the Oklahoma Christian University community life, in the majors and in the core. Concerning the core specifically, the faculty recognizes that these outcomes can be accomplished through a variety of courses and experiences. Accordingly, the faculty has designed a tiered, degree-based core curriculum focused on the liberal arts, and based on seven general categories. 

Please see the course catalog for more details


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