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Exploring the intersections of arts, religion, and culture in the modern world

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The work you do as a creative has impact. Let’s talk about it!

Through our upcoming visiting lecture series, Oklahoma Christian University’s Art + Design Department invites artists and designers to explore their careers and creative work, their faith story, and how the work they do influences culture. In the style of TED Talks and inspired by the work of artist Makoto Fujimura, OC ARC Talks celebrates how art can “feed the soul” through artists’ examination of their work and ideas related to the intersections of arts, religion, and culture in the modern world.

Within Makoto Fujimura’s groundbreaking writing on developing a “culture of care,” he encourages us to explore genesis moments, generosity and generational thinking as creators and shapers. Through identifying new opportunities and being mindful of our creative legacies, we choose to engage in culture care over culture wars. We believe artists are culture creators; the work they contribute collectively can add up to tremendous positive change.

The A-R-C of OC ARC Talks is short for Arts, Religion and Culture. We aim to explore how our beliefs and communities affect the work we create, and inversely, how artists and designers can act as influencers within a global market. OC is partnering with our Department of Art + Design to bring this exclusive, inside-look into the worlds of creatives and share their stories.

A brief overview of the details:

  • The OC ARC Talks will be held at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City. This event will be free to the public, and will have a strong attendance by OC students, faculty, and local artists.
  • The lecture will be 30-45 minutes in length with a short audience Q&A afterwards.