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Students are Saving Tens of Thousands of Dollars

Ten Oklahoma Christian University professors are now using Open Educational Resources (OER). This means big savings for students!

OER replaces traditional print and digital textbooks. Based on the average traditional book cost, 329 OC students are collectively saving between $36,243 (for print) and $46,647 (for digital).

"Wow! I know students AND parents are thrilled," said President John deSteiguer. "Thank you to all of the faculty member who have embraced this resource. We are making learning more affordable for our students."

Participating faculty include:

Dr. Chris Austin

Dave Compton

Dr. Jonathan Hunt

Dr. Sada Knowles

Dr. David Lowry

John Osborne

Dr. Uwe Muench

Dr. Amanda Nichols

Dr. Brian Simmons

Dr. Jeff Simmons

Thank you! And thank you to Dr. Lee Anne Paris for leading the OER project and to Dr. Jeff McCormack for aggressively pursuing these savings for OC’s students!