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Fall/Winter Calendar Released

Aerial view of campus from Bible building
New calendars for Fall, December, January and Graduate School terms have been finalized, Spring to follow.

Recently, President John deSteiguer announced a new academic calendar.

The innovative approach to school scheduling is designed to bring us together during times anticipated to be more safe from the spread of COVID-19, and keep us apart in the higher risk season.

What you will notice in the new calendar:

  • Start date is two weeks early and comparative with local K-12 school calendars
  • Fall term end date is before Thanksgiving
  • Fall break is eliminated
  • There is a TWO month winter break
  • Two online winter sessions are offered, one in December and one in January

What you can expect for the Spring calendar:

  • A late January start date
  • An end date and graduation comparative with other school calendars
  • Robust summer class offerings

The academic calendar and the registrar are your sources for academic information and updates.