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Record and Submit Your Own Video for Homecoming Chapel

OC Chorale

*Picture taken pre-COVID

When was the last time you sang the OC Alma Mater? Was it in Chapel on campus, or at your last basketball game in the Eagles Nest, or perhaps in the shower? Well, how about one more time?

We are inviting you, and fellow alumni around the globe, to record a video of yourself singing the OC Alma Mater and/or The Lord Bless You and Keep You on your phone or computer (preferably wearing OC colors), and send it to us to be included in this year's Virtual Homecoming Chapel! We also plan to post the collected versions on the OC Alumni Facebook page in a "Brady Bunch" type video style.

Here is the link to listen to the OC Chorale, along with the individual four parts, which you can use for reference to record yourself singing in tempo with the Chorale. The two most important things to remember when recording your submission is to record horizontally and to use headphones and listen to the track on a separate device for reference to make sure it syncs up correctly. Please submit your finished product here. We will mix it with others and share the premiere of the final products with the public at Virtual Homecoming on Saturday, November 7, at 11:00 a.m. CST!

The deadline for us to receive your clip is Monday, October 12. We hope to have as many alumni as possible participate! Thank you for your consideration.

Be blessed!