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Alumni Update - Valari Wedel

Valari Wedel

Valari (Boker '82) Wedel, along with her daughter Jess Wedel, attempted to summit Mount Everest in March of 2021 as the first American mother and daughter team to ever do so. During their expedition they encountered frightening 60 mph winds and whiteout conditions for nearly two days straight, but they kept on going. Unfortunately, on May 11, a health condition forced Valari to turn back before the summit. Jess was able to continue and on May 25, after 55 days of climbing, it looked like Jess was going to reach the summit--yet more misfortune struck and the group's Sherpas (or guides who were helping them up and down Mount Everest) fell ill, which prevented Jess's group from summitting. Though Valari and Jess were unable to reach the summit of Mount Everest, they enjoyed being able to share the experience together. You can read more about Valari and Jess and their climb here.

Amazing work, Valari and Jess! We admire you for your courage and determination in performing such a difficult feat.