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Alumni Update - Lucas and Marcus Ross

Lucas Ross Ding Dong Rizzle Show

Lucas ('03) and Marcus ('09) Ross, alumni and brothers from Minco, Oklahoma, have been creating entertainment for Oklahoma audiences and beyond for nearly a decade. Not even a year since their rural-comedy, LAZY CIRCLES: “Welcome” to Goshé won the Heartland EMMY award for Best Program/Series/Special--they began creating content exclusively for Rizzle, a mobile app featuring mini-series, vlogs, and a brand new show from the Ross Bros.

Their brand new show is called “Ding-Dong: The Door to Door Adventures of Dan Dan Daniel Danielson.” Dan-Dan’s adventures begin July 4th weekend when 10 one-minute-long episodes will drop exclusively on Rizzle. Stream “Ding-Dong…” by getting the free Rizzle app and searching “Cloverbloom,” or stream it from a desktop browser here. For more information about the Ross brothers, visit