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Gap Year

Take a breath, step back and chart a course for your future. Are traditional college paths leaving you feeling unsure? Oklahoma Christian University's Gap Year program is designed to help you explore your passions, solidify your goals and gain valuable skills before diving into college life.

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Gap Year

at a glance
  • Requirements & Costs

  • 17-19
    Year old high school graduates
  • $10,500
    Program tuition, plus books as needed
  • Passport
    Required for study abroad

Program Benefits

Have you ever felt God nudging you in a direction, whispering a purpose you want to explore? Before diving headfirst into college, why not take a year to discern your calling and strengthen your faith at Oklahoma Christian University? Our gap year program isn't just about academics; it's a transformative journey guided by God's purpose. With 12 credit hours on campus or online, professional development workshops and an unforgettable trip to Vienna, this program is your springboard to self-discovery and confident next steps.

Earn 12 Credit Hours

Get a head start on your college credits with our flexible program. Take six credits each semester, on campus or online, and explore different subjects before committing to a major.

Experience Campus Life

Get a taste of college life by participating in events like First Week Follies and Spring Sing. Make new friends, cheer on your future classmates and create a lifetime of memories.

Major & Career Counseling

Take a personalized aptitude and interest assessment, and get expert guidance to understand your strengths and passions. Master the art of the interview, dress for success, and craft a compelling resume – all with our support.

Study Abroad

Embark on an unforgettable adventure to Vienna from Dec. 14 to 21. Explore historic landmarks, soak up the festive atmosphere and create lasting memories in this enchanting city.

Campus Resources

Access our extensive library resources and fuel your fitness journey with a Dub membership – the perfect combination for academic success and personal growth.

Stay on Campus

Get a taste of college life, explore your interests and connect with the campus community during your three-day Spring Visit. Make an informed decision about your future.

Campus Tours

How to Apply

  1. Apply online before Aug. 1, 2024.
  2. Pay your $250 deposit.
  3. Meet with Aleiha ( to enroll for classes.
  4. Plan to attend our Kickoff in August 2024 (both in-person and online options available).


To secure your spot, a $250 deposit is due upon acceptance to the program. The program fee is split into two payments: half due on the first day of classes (Aug. 26, 2024) and the remaining half due on the first day of the spring semester (Jan. 13, 2025). We offer payment plans to help you manage the cost.

While participation in all program elements is optional, we highly encourage you to explore and engage as much as possible! Every activity is designed to help you discover your passions, explore potential paths and experience college life firsthand. Make the most of this opportunity to ensure you make an informed decision about your future.

The program offers flexibility! Choose to enroll in the six credits per semester experience, or opt for fewer credits to tailor the program to your needs. However, please note that the program cost remains the same regardless of the number of credits taken.

No, 12 credit hours is the max amount of credit that can be earned from Oklahoma Christian as a participant in the Gap Year program.

Learn your way! Our program offers both on-campus and online courses to fit your preferences and location. Explore diverse subjects while enjoying the flexibility of choosing the learning environment that suits you best.

While we can't guarantee space for families at our Vienna facility currently, we encourage you to consider exploring Vienna together afterward for a memorable family experience.

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