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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Take Flight

2019 Ike with Students

You’re an Eagle now and it is time for you to Take Flight! This one-day orientation gives you the opportunity to visit campus, meet your admissions counselor and some fellow classmates, hear from professors in your academic department and so much more. Let’s dive right into four ways to get the most out of Take Flight.

#1 Don’t Miss It!

Your community starts here! This is the first time in your college journey for students and families to connect. We’re all a little nervous about meeting new people. It’s hard! But, the good thing about Take Flight is that everyone is new and just getting started together.

What if you met your future roommate at Take Flight?

Students, you could meet someone who has chosen your same major and discover that you have a lot in common. You may hit it off with someone who becomes your future roommate, signs up for the same mission trip, takes the court as your intramural teammate or ends up as your lifelong, ride-or-die bestie.

Families, are you embracing all of the feels happening during this season of lasts and firsts? Have you planned a big empty-nest celebration? Or, do you fall somewhere in between? Chances are high that you will meet other families who relate with where you’re at. Maybe you will even want to follow some other parents on social media to share in each other’s journey.

#2 Know Your Stuff.

We have two primary ways to communicate all of the college things with you; your account and email. And, email often reminds you to log into your account to take the next step. So, before you come to Take Flight, you will want to read your email, log into your account and take any action that is requested.

Taking any ‘next step’ before Take Flight means that you have fewer things to do at orientation. Also, if you log into your account and run into any confusion, you will know exactly what questions to ask at Take Flight and our specialists will be here to help you. You can meet our helpful experts from financial services, housing and admissions.

#3 Check Out the Format.

College orientation is a big deal and it’s helpful to know what’s coming. You will want to arrive before the 10 a.m. kickoff to check in, survey the situation and get your information packet. Your packet will include your class schedule for the fall semester, the Take Flight schedule for the day, a parent handbook and your Take Flight group assignment. You will be in the Maroon group or the Gray group which is determined by your academic interests.

Our professors love to show off their departments and meet incoming students.

After a short introduction, one group will head out to visit select academic areas, meet some faculty and check out the dorm space. You will be with students who share similar academic interests as you, and meet some or our world-class professors who often get a little amped up when talking about their programs. We have a few dorm rooms that are staged to help you visualize what it will look like after you’ve moved in.

The other group will visit the Take Flight information fare. It’s where lots of cool people from all corners of campus come together to let you know about opportunities and services available to you. Opportunities include things like performance groups that you can audition for, intramural sports to release your inner athlete, career services that guide you to discover God’s calling for your life, applying your leadership skills in student government, exploring the world with study abroad and spiritual growth opportunities on campus. You will want to bring any questions that you have to our service specialist for financial aid, housing, dining and admissions. Learn about the campus medical clinic and counseling center, Team OC fitness, campus police and student success.

#4 Mind Your Look.

Saving the most important information for last … Take Flight is when you get your student ID card. You will use this card all day, every day for all of the things, from buying coffee to getting into your dorm room. Of course everyone hates the photo on their student ID, but if you are prepared with the look that you want to go for on this picture that will stick with you for quite some time, then maybe you will hate it less.

Now you're ready! Just remember, we have staff on hand to help you with pretty much anything that you need, and that's what we love to do. So, come, listen, learn, enjoy and relax, you've got this.