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COVID-19 Plan for Student Life

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“On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. 'Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?' he asked. 'What is written in the Law?' Jesus replied.
He answered, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ” -Luke 10: 25-27

Oklahoma Christian University is a faith fueled, Christ-centered institution. OC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic then, like its response to all crises, will lean into that faith by appealing to individuals to respond in community with “one another” top of mind.

“Love Your Neighbor” will be OC’s mantra collectively and individually as we take the adopted, necessary steps to keep our community safe.

The complete Roadmap to Readiness for Students and Parents

COVID-19 Plan for Academics

Personal Health Guidelines

Campus Cleaning Plan


Dormitory: Gunn-Henderson, Fails, Warlick, Davisson and Tinius West

In each of these areas, students have been strategically assigned rooms to reduce the number of students sharing bathrooms to 8-14 people. Additional private rooms will be available. In Gunn-Henderson and Tinius West, residents can use the sink in their bedroom to minimize time in the shared bathroom. In all areas, bathrooms, lobbies and entrances will be cleaned multiple times daily. A designated wing with bathroom will be left open for any isolation or quarantine needs for the residents of that building.

Suite: University House, Tinius East and Wilson East and West

In these buildings, students live in a suite shared with 1-7 other residents. The suite consists of 2-4 bedrooms and a bathroom. Students share a bathroom with their suitemates. In all areas, bathrooms, lobbies and entrances will be cleaned multiple times daily. Private rooms are available in University House and Tinius East, and additional private rooms will be made available in Wilson. Depending on the situation, students who need to isolate or quarantine will do so in their bedroom, or move temporarily to the designated empty rooms in Tinius West and Wilson East.

Apartment: Phase 3, 4, 5 and 6

Each apartment is shared by 2-4 people and has an exterior entrance. The Community Center, Nowlin Center and Phase 6 Exercise Room will be sanitized daily per the CDC guidelines. Depending on the situation, students who need to isolate or quarantine will do so in their bedroom, or move temporarily to the designated empty apartments or dorm rooms.

See the complete Roadmap to Readiness for Students and Parents document for isolation/quarantine options, the contact tracing plan and what happens when a student is identified as a close contact.


Early Move-in: Sunday, August 2-Friday, August 7

Big Move-in Day: Saturday, August 8

Move-in Week: Sunday, August 9-Wednesday, August 12

  • Local students will be invited to drop off belongings on Friday, August 7, 3-7pm (Approx. 100 students).
  • Apartment residents will check in at the Community Center and Nowlin Center.
  • Freshman cards will be printed and encoded before students arrive. Students will pick up cards in their assigned building. Only students with no cards would need to check in at Gaylord Welcome Center.
  • Staggered move-in times. Students with even number assignments move in at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., odd numbers at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. A move-in sign up form will be emailed out to help gauge traffic flow. Limit to 25 per time slot.
  • Encourage students to only bring 2-3 people to help them move.
  • Limit elevator use to 1 family in University House.
  • Communicate via email and signage to social distance, wear masks and use hand sanitizer.



UDining management has made the following plans to meet the student needs for the Fall 2020 semester.

  • Install plexiglass shields for cashier stand.
  • Limited guests in the serving area.
  • Use floor decals to show the appropriate distance.
  • Maintain a stringent disinfecting schedule of all high touch surfaces.
  • Temperature check for all employees as they arrive at work.
  • All Udining staff will wear masks and gloves.
  • Dining seating will be spaced out for appropriate distancing, utilizing the entire Gaylord University Center and hallways.
  • Silverware will be distributed by UDining employees.
  • Salt and pepper will be distributed in self-serve packets.


Masks will be required for all people upon entering the Brew. Customers are asked to wear masks until they are seated at their table. Once seated they are welcome to remove the mask.


  • Tables and chairs will be moved to be grouped 6’ apart (groups will be in 2’s and 4’s).
  • Stickers will be placed on the floor for customers in line.
  • Customers will be encouraged to order online and can even do so from their tables.
  • Front glass door will be entrance only and the back door will be exit only
  • We will be using the back balcony and 2nd floor common area as additional seating.
  • The Brew conference room will be locked at all times and will be unlocked for those who reserve it.


Due to COVID-19 and the goal to keep the OC campus as safe as possible while still living into the guiding principles of spiritual formation for the entire OC campus. There will be a modified requirement of 20 Kudos for students in the Fall 2020 semester.

Students can choose from the following KUDOS:

Earn 10 Kudos from this group:

  • Alternative chapels, socially distanced during the 11:00 A.M. hour
  • Small group Bible studies

And earn an additional 10 Kudos from this group:

  • OC Mentoring Project - contact mentors OR Spiritual Life for guidance.
  • Discovery - activities and events where faith and learning clearly intersect. Discover events must take place on campus unless given special permission by The Office of Spiritual Life.
  • Local Church Events - not including regular weekend or midweek gatherings. These must be pre-approved by The Office of Spiritual Life.
  • Bible Reading/Discipleship/Prayer Groups - pre-approval through The Spiritual Life Office.
  • Service - five hours of service may be pre-approved by The Office of Spiritual Life.
  • Rightnow Media - a maximum of 5 credit hours earned from approved content at

For additional information, please see the comprehensive slide presentation here.



  • Softball/Flag-football: Outdoors with minimal contact, encourage all fans to wear masks, hand sanitizer stations at entry gates, shared intramural provided equipment sanitized nightly.
  • Tennis/ping-pong/pool singles: play-on-your-own-time tournaments.
  • Cross Country meet: outdoors, participants are spread apart.
  • Volleyball: uncertain at this time.

OPEN GYM - There are no plans to continue open gym basketball for the fall semester.

AUXILIARY FITNESS ROOMS - University House North, University House South, Tinius, Gunn-Hendrson & Phase 6 will have wall mounted Zogics wipes for daily, individual disinfecting, also cleaned weekly by a Dub student worker and electrostatic sprayed once a week.

    OPEN SWIM - 1 person per lane unless with household (quarantine) members. Group fitness classes to maintain social distancing in 2 lanes.


    • Zogics wipes are wall mounted in 3 locations
    • Hand sanitizer in 4 locations
    • Additionally cleaners are available to workers

    Locker rooms - will reopen in the fall but use is discouraged.

      Equipment - Guests will not use adjacent cardio machines, signs are posted to avoid using adjacent weight machines, and free weight benches are spaced. Guests will wipe down equipment before and after use.

      Limited entry - The number of people will be limited and asked to stay no longer than two hours.


      Classes that require contact have been cancelled for the fall, classes will maintain healthy distancing, attendants will wear masks before and after classes, Zogics wipes available at classes.


      August 8-15th

      • Outdoor events when possible
      • All inside events require a mask
      • Healthy distancing encouraged – 6 feet apart
      • Minimal buffet style meals, mostly individually wrapped food and bottled drinks with staggered lunch and dinner times
      • Encourage students to complete the Daily Health Screening on MyOC or the OC app (temperature, symptoms questions).



      • Enforce attendance exemptions for high-risk students.
      • Move meeting space to larger area, consulting events office to ensure availability.
      • Encourage outdoor activities that meet with smaller gatherings but with more frequency.


      Social Clubs will take multiple steps to encourage safety including enforcing exemptions for high-risk students from club obligations and point systems.

      • Face masks are required.
      • Suggest on-line meetings at least twice a month in place of in person meetings
      • Encourage smaller gatherings - utilize families, classification, etc.
      • Traditional Club Night replaced with an incentive program.
      • Clubs are highly encouraged to plan outdoor events only. If indoor events are necessary, they will be held in larger meeting spaces.
      • A limit will be placed on the number of current members attending events.
      • Food will be limited to individually wrapped food and bottled drinks.


      Counseling is done with the currently defined social distancing protocol. Protocol primarily being 6' distancing, not over max gathering requirement, wearing of a mask when indoors and in public, and individuals not having symptoms or recently sick.

      • Teletherapy - continued individual therapy via Zoom for remote Healthcare.
      • Teletherapy - therapeutic groups/workshop via Zoom for remote Healthcare.
      • Waiting room will have limited seating, staggering appointments to minimize students in the center, frequent sanitization, masks available for students with bins to dispose of masks after use. Consider personal device online scheduling options to reduce the possibility of counselors contacting the same computer.
      • Group office - limited staff/students at one time and sanitizing procedures.
      • In-person crisis care, a therapist and client with PPE, will sit 6 feet apart.
      • In-person ongoing sessions, a therapist and client with PPE, will sit 6 feet apart.

      This is a condensed version of COVID-19 measures for Student Life at OC. There are also condensed versions for academics, personal health and cleaning. You will find more details on all of these topics in the complete Roadmap to Readiness for Students and Parents document.