Don Leftwich, M.A.DonLeftwich

Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science 

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.A., University of Oklahoma

Office phone: 405.425.5413

Email: Don Leftwich

Don Leftwich is the chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.  He was the Oklahoma-Arkansas section chair of the Mathematical Association of America in 2001.  He is interested in statistics of Aviation, and he enjoys golf, music, and all sports.  He is married to Janie, and has three children: Robbie, Kimberly and Bryan.  Mr. Leftwich is a deacon at Memorial Road Church of Christ, where he is also the Ministry Director for Leadership Training for Christ. 

Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D.Jennifer Bryan

Associate Professor of Mathematics   

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.S., Oklahoma State University
  • PhD, Oklahoma State University

Office phone: 405.425.5443

Email: Jennifer Bryan

Jennifer Bryan is interested in statistics, math education, and algebra workshops for secondary teachers.  Bryan is a member of several organizations: Mathematics Association of America, American Statistical Association, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Kappa Mu Epsilon (the Math Honor Society). She attends Edmond Church of Christ, and she is a substitute Bible class teacher.

Ralph DeBoard, M.S. Ralph DeBoard

Associate Professor of Computer Science 

  • B.A., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.S., Wright State University

Office phone: 405.425.5411

Email: Ralph DeBoard

Ralph DeBoard learned to love OC as a student when he served as president of the Student Government Association, and was selected to be Mr. Aerie in 1968.  He now teaches here for three reasons: "The opportunity to integrate faith and learning, the desire to help OC build an excellent computer science program, and the opportunity to pass on the greatness of our school to new generations of students."  DeBoard is interested in algorithm analysis, computer simulation, and processor scheduling algorithms.  He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery.  He sponsors BIT and the CS programming teams.  His favorite memory as a student here was the excitement all over campus when the basketball team won their first national tournament basketball game in 1968.  His favorite memories as a faculty member is "having the opportunity to be a part of the graduation ceremonies when each of his children walked across the stage," and "the amazing success of OC's programming teams on their trips to Louisiana State University."  He served in the US Air Force from 1968-1972 as a scientist in the Foreign Technology Division.  He is a member of the America Cichlid Association, serves on the Board of Directors of the Texas Aquarium Societies. DeBoard has 64 aquariums, where he breeds rare tropical fish. He enjoys singing and photography. His wife is Brenda, who graduated from OC in 1969.  They have three children: Scott, Greg, and Holly, all graduates of OC.  He is a deacon at Memorial Road Church of Christ. He is involved in the Capital Hill Lighthouse Ministries, Inner City Ministry, and he is a Bible class teacher

Andy Harbert, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Computer ScienceAndy Harbert

  • B.S., Louisiana State University
  • M.S., Texas A & M University

Office phone: 405.425.5423

Email: Andy Harbert

Andy Harbert says he works at OC because, “it gives me an opportunity to work hard at work worth doing.”  He is in the Association for Computing Machinery, and is a sponsor for Omega Psi Omicron (a men’s club), and Beta Iota Tau, the student computer club.  His favorite memories at OC “come from hearing the stories of our graduates’ successes.”  His wife is Lorie, and they have two children: Joey and Jenna.  He attends Quail Springs Church of Christ, where he has taught adult and children’s Bible classes, serves as a connections group leader, and is active in benevolence work.

Paul Howard, Ph.Howard_Fac_PicD.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

  • B.S., University of Idaho
  • M.S., University of Idaho
  • Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Office Phone: 405.425.5439
Email: Paul Howard

Paul Howard is interested in mathematics education and point set topology. He is a member of the Mathematics Association of America and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He loves the opportunity OC provides to build meaningful relationships with students. Other areas of interest include baseball, chess and outdoor activities. He is a member of Edmond Church of Christ, regularly teaching Bible classes. He is also involved in marriage mentoring.

Craig Johnson, Ph.D.

Dr. Craig JohnsonAssociate Professor of Mathematics

  • B.S., Harding University
  • M.S., University of Mississippi
  • Ph.D., Wayne State University

Office phone: 405.425.5444

Email: Craig Johnson 

Dr. Johnson received the Teacher of the Year award from Greater Atlanta Christian School in 2004.  He received the STAR Teacher award from the same school in 2005.  Dr. Johnson is in the Mathematical Association of America.  He enjoys running, outdoor activities, and golf.  He and his wife Kara have four children: Hannah, Sarah, Abigail, and Caleb.  Dr. Johnson attends Westwood Church of Christ where he is a Bible class teacher and a small group leader.  He went on a mission trip to Rwanda in 2007.

Monica Muza, M.S.

IMonica McDaltonnstructor of Mathematics 

  • B.S.E., University of Central Oklahoma
  • M.S., University of Central Oklahoma

Office phone: 405.425.5415

Email: Monica Muza

North_Fac PicDavid North, M.S.

Associate Professor of Computer Science

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.S., Computer Science, University Of Oklahoma

Office Phone: 405.425.5434

Email: David North

David North has had a distinguished, 30 year career in software development and is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery.  He has been an project manager, system architect, computer systems consultant, CTO and COO.  He has managed hundreds of software development projects often using cutting edge technologies and development methods, most recently his work has been in Internet application development. He has also been involved in the start up of several businesses. He is interested in software engineering, web and mobile application development, and he enjoys sailing, photography and travel.  He is married to Beverly, and has three children: Michelle, David and Daniel.  He also has five grandchildren. Mr. North is a deacon at Memorial Road Church of Christ, where he is also the Ministry Director for the Capitol Hill Ministry.

Lindsay Prugh, Ph.D.Lindsay Prugh

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.S., University of Central Oklahoma
  • Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Office phone: 405.425.5394

Email: Lindsay Prugh

Dr. Lindsay Prugh is interested in teaching mathematics to those who think the concepts are a waste of their time and working with future teachers of mathematics. She is a member and Newsletter Editor of the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics as well as a member of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Lindsay loves teaching at OC because the love of Christ is evident on campus. She enjoys jogging, planning trips, and spring-like weather. Lindsay and Nate, her husband, have a daughter, Avinlee, who keeps them laughing and loving every day! Lindsay attends New Hope Church of Christ and helps with summer youth camps whenever possible.