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Type of Ministry: Youth
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: Netherwood Park Church of Christ Detailed Job Description for Youth and Family Minister Last updated 11/6/2016 Objective Netherwood Park church of Christ is committed to making, fostering, and growing disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe that dedicating resources to the youth and families of our congregation is a critical part of fulfilling that mission. The purpose of the Youth and Family Minister (YFM) position is to offer the best support we can to our young people and families in becoming committed disciples of Christ. The Youth and Family Minister position will have an emphasis on 6th through 12th graders and their families. This position comes with a number of specific responsibilities. No list could ever be exhaustive, but the following items make up the core of this position: Teaching The YFM should be a capable teacher. This person will be responsible for preparing and presenting age-appropriate material in a variety of settings including Bible classes, Christian camps, one on one studies, retreats, and small groups. Effective teaching should stress the application of God’s Word. A single person will always be limited in how much can be accomplished. Therefore, it is important that the YFM be able to recruit, support, and equip volunteers from the congregation to assist in teaching responsibilities as needed. The YFM may also choose to engage people from outside of our congregation to offer unique perspectives and expertise to our group. The youth ministry is just one part of our congregation, and we want the curriculum that is developed for our youth group to complement the material being presented to others in the congregation. For example, the YFM should work with the leaders of our elementary education program and our college ministry to ensure smooth transitions for individuals entering and exiting the youth group. Additionally, the church as a whole may set aside certain times to focus on particular themes. The youth curriculum should be designed to accommodate those things. Learning and growth should also be facilitated by the YFM creating opportunities to express faith through service. One of the primary focus areas for the youth and family ministry should be service to the church’s membership and the outside community. In addition to teaching the youth, we want the YFM to also seek to equip parents, caregivers, and families to better support one another. We expect that the YFM will engage in continuing education to grow his knowledge and ability to teach others. Time should be dedicated to study and prayer with the purpose of spiritual growth. Netherwood is also interested in supporting (with time allowed and money) formal continuing education through courses, seminars, etc. Relationship Building Relationships are a critical component of any ministry position, and that’s especially true for the YFM. The YFM is responsible for developing and strengthening relationships primarily with the youth and their families. In addition to building his own relationships, the YFM should facilitate relationship building among peers in the youth group and among families in the congregation. Relationships require time and work in order to grow. It should not be uncommon for the YFM to meet one on one or in small groups with participants in the ministry to talk and study the Bible. The YFM should communicate regularly with the youth and their families to make sure people are informed and engaged. Attendance at non-church related youth activities can go a long way toward building relationships. Being present at athletic events, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, and similar events is encouraged and expected as part of the YFM job responsibilities. Service is another important way to grow relationships. The youth and family ministry, led by the YFM, should be involved in meeting the needs of church members and those in the community outside the church. While working to build relationships with teens and parents himself, the YFM should ensure that he does not become the singular spiritual contact for the individual. He should seek to involve family members and other members of the congregation as much as possible to ensure that participants in the ministry have a healthy network of support and mentorship. The YFM should especially encourage strong relationships between the teens and their parents and caregivers. We have a strong desire to avoid the youth group becoming isolated from the rest of the church. The YFM should manage the sometimes competing values of establishing a strong youth group with its own identity and integrating the youth into the congregation as a whole. In addition, we want the YFM to encourage families and the rest of the congregation to actively invest in the youth. Outreach is an important part of the YFM job. While proper attention must be given to the existing members of the ministry, we also see a need for the YFM to establish relationships with people that are outside the church community with the purpose of introducing them to Jesus and integrating them into the body. Opportunities for outreach often come from friends and family members of current ministry participants, but contacts will also be made with people who have no connection to church at all. Equipping Families Strong families are necessary to have a healthy church. The YFM should invest in helping parents and caregivers relate to their kids and helping kids relate to their caregivers. This help can be offered in a variety of ways. Formal activities will include teaching and offering resources on parenting and spiritual development. Other activities may include meeting with people in their homes, praying with them, and offering support in spiritual development and accountability. The YFM should be available to the whole family in tough times like deaths, divorce, dealing with addictions, etc. Facilitate Activities Outside of the ministry-oriented functions already listed, the YFM needs to be capable of organizing a variety of activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, the following: mission trips, camps, retreats, service projects, outreach and evangelism events, fundraising, Bible studies, and social events. Events like these require varying amounts of coordination. For example, an out-of-town trip will require that the YFM coordinate with facilities, inform participants of dates, collect and process registration forms, collect payment, arrange for transportation, recruit chaperones, etc. Administrative Responsibilities / Notes The YFM will participate in regular meetings with the church leadership (elders and other ministers). He will work closely with the church leadership to develop goals and a plan to achieve those goals. While this position will focus on the youth and their families, we also expect that this person will share in the work of the overall ministry of the church. The YFM will keep certain office hours each week and should be willing to assist in areas outside of their core focus when it is necessary. We need someone who can be a team player. We expect that the YFM will give proper attention to safety and financial stewardship, as the leader of that ministry. Because this position requires very close contact with sometimes vulnerable members of our community, special care should be taken to stay above reproach in sensitive situations. We believe that this position will require a variety of work hours each week. That time would include attendance at church functions including Sunday morning Bible class and worship services, Sunday evening activities (small groups, etc.), and Wednesday evening church services. Due to the nature of youth and family ministry, we know that the summer will come with a higher workload. It is impossible to pinpoint the number of hours worked in a week that includes traveling to a church camp, mission trip, or similar event and managing the group the entire time. This position will require flexibility and lots of energy. Desired Qualifications We believe that our ideal YFM will have most, if not all, of the following qualifications. First and foremost, we want to hire someone who has a deep passion for youth and family ministry. A college degree is desired, preferably in a relevant field such as ministry, psychology, counseling, etc. Candidates should also have a minimum of five years of experience working with youths and families in a ministry context. We want to be sure that the person we hire is ready to step into a leadership role and understands the opportunities and challenges that come along with leading a youth and family ministry. The YFM should be organized and able to manage his time well. Communication skills, both written and verbal, are critical for success in this position. Though it is not required, we would love to find a candidate that is bilingual in English and Spanish to help in reaching the Spanish speaking community. The YFM’s doctrinal beliefs and teaching should be in line with that of the church leadership. We understand that no two Christians will agree on every doctrinal issue, but there should be unity on the fundamental tenants of our faith, with a willingness to submit when necessary to avoid harmful division.

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