Faculty & Staff

Dr.Bill LuttrellBill Luttrell, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Chemistry & Physics

Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • B.S., University of Louisville
  • M.S., Old Dominion University
  • Ph.D., Eastern Virginia Medical School and Old Dominion University

Office: NSW-HSH 202H

Office phone: 405.425.5421

Email: Bill Luttrell 

Dr. Bill Luttrell says, “I have had the calling to teach and do research in an institution with a Christian worldview for many years. It is a great blessing to be able to combine my faith in God and the teaching of chemistry.” 

His favorite memory of OC is “everyday being able to interact with OC students who are kind hearted and God loving.” Dr. Luttrell teaches organic chemistry and serves as a sponsor for the OC Summer Undergraduate Research Program. His research interests are the effects of environmental and workplace exposures to chemical toxins on drug metabolizing enzyme systems in the human body. 

Dr. Luttrell has published two books, the most recent entitled “Toxicology Principles for the Industrial Hygienist,” along with more than 50 research papers and articles. Prior to joining the OC faculty, he served for five years as a toxicologist at the Navy Environmental Health Center. Dr. Luttrell also was a member of the faculty of Old Dominion University in the Environmental Health Program for three years. He served on active duty in the U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps as an Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology Officer for 20 years. 

He is a member of the American Chemical Society and the Society of Toxicology. He is a Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Dr. Luttrell is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Industrial Hygiene with Certification in Comprehensive Practice. He has served on several public health advisory boards and committees and is currently on the Board of Editors of the Journal of Chemical Health and Safety.

Dr. Luttrell believes that all Christians should take actions that show our care and love for God’s creation. He and his wife Sarah have two children, Daniel and Janna, and three grandsons, Nathaniel, Luke, and Glen. He attends Memorial Road Church of Christ, serving as a Bible class teacher and song leader. He has also served as both a deacon and an elder for Norfolk Church of Christ.

Dr. Chris AustinChris Austin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Physics

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University
  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Office: NSW-HSH 202K

Office phone: 405.425.5418

Email: Chris Austin

Lyle Campbell, M.S.Mr. Lyle Campbell

Adjunct Professor of Physic

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian
  • M.S., Oklahoma State University

Email: Lyle Campbell

David Compton, M.S.

Adjunct Professor of Astronomy

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.S., Oklahoma State University

Office phone: 405.605.9736

Email: Dave Compton

Mr. Compton teaches OC’s nighttime section of Astronomy and enjoys getting students to look in the eyepiece. He graduated from Oklahoma Christian with a degree in electrical engineering and works as a telecom engineer for the Air Force at Tinker AFB. He was fascinated by astronomy after receiving a telescope as a wedding present from his wife JJ Compton, who is the Technical Services Librarian at the OC Beam Library. 

Like many amateur astronomers, he learned about the subject by trial and error with the telescope by attempting to take quality astrophotos. Mr. Compton’s goal is to encourage students to a sense of wonder and awe at God’s creation, and to let them know it is perfectly okay to believe in both God and science.

Dr. Len Feuerhelm

Len Feuerhelm, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics

  • B.S., Oklahoma State University
  • M.S. Oklahoma State University
  • J.D., Oklahoma City University
  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Office: NSW-HSH 202L

Office phone: 405.425.5408

Email: Len Feuerhelm

Cosmology and creation are what interest Dr. Feuerhelm, who has been at OC for 31 years. He was the Faculty Association President for 2007-2008. He works at OC so that he can “help shape the lives of young people.” Over those 31 years, his favorite memory is helping lead OC’s Pacific Rim Study Abroad trip in 2005. 

Among his many accomplishments, he is also a member of Sigma Xi and the Oklahoma Bar Association. Dr. Feuerhelm is married to Caren Feuerhelm, and he attends Wilshire Church of Christ, where he is a Bible class teacher. Dr. Feuerhelm is the only former CIA member on the faculty here – as far as we know.

Anthony Harmon, Ph.D.Dr. Anthony Harmon

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

  • B.S., Bethany Nazarene College (now SNU)
  • M.S., Purdue University
  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Office: NSW-HSH 202 O

Office phone: 405.425.5417

Email: Anthony Harmon

Being analytical by nature, Dr. Harmon’s teaching and research have naturally specialized in Analytical Chemistry. He has worked on several wildlife forensic analytical techniques that protect God's world and help enforce man's laws. 

After teaching at a state university for 25 years, "It is a pleasure to teach at a Christian university," Dr. Harmon said. "The people (students, staff and faculty) are what make OC special." 

A special OC moment occurred one day as he prepared for class at the front of the classroom. The students were taking their seats and talking about a one-page paper due that day. One of the students said, "I didn’t write much, but I learned a lot." 

Learning is the goal and learning is fun (but work), and Dr. Harmon tries to communicate that concept to every class. For him, every day that he learns something is a good day. He believes the more you know, the better you can fulfill God’s purpose for your life. While we each have to work out our own unique path in life, we each are to lift up Christ.

Amanda NicholsAmanda Nichols, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University
  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Office: NSW-HSH 202M

Office phone: 405.425.5420

Email: Amanda Nichols

Dr. Amanda Nichols says, “I work at OC because of the students. I enjoy teaching science to these great students. It’s also a privilege to be able to share my faith in God while I teach about Chemistry and Earth Science.”  One of Dr. Nichols’ favorite times at OC as a professor is seeing the results of her Inorganic Chemistry Students’ Symmetry Scavenger Hunt.

Not only does Dr. Nichols share her faith with her students, she also shares her faith at Wilshire church of Christ. She worships there with her husband Josh, their children, Casen and Liam, and Haddie.  Dr. Nichols serves as a children's bible class teacher.  

She also is interested in science education as reflected in her conference presentation and papers she has recently written.  

Mr. Mark ThompsonMark Thompson, M.A.

Adjunct Instructor of Astronomy

Head Cross Country Coach

  • B.S., University of Arkansas
  • M.A., University of Arkansas

Office: LC-301-D

Office phone: 405.425.1854

Email: Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is an adjunct instructor of Physics and the head men’s and women’s cross country coach. He is academically interested in medical physics applications, science and religion, online education, and exercise physiology.

His favorite memories of OC are department meetings and First Week Follies, especially the OC Go video. Thompson enjoys running and cycling, and has run a mile in 3 minutes and 59 seconds! (See the video)

His wife, Darci, is OC’s Director of Wellness. The Thompson's attend Memorial Road Church of Christ. They support mission teams in Ireland, the Czech Republic, Zambia, and Uganda.

Dr. Howard VogelHoward Vogel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • B.S., University of Texas
  • Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Office: NSW-HSH 202N

Office phone: 405.425.5471

Email: Howard Vogel

Dr. Vogel is interested in analytical chemistry, firefighting and arson investigation, and forensics. He worked as a firefighter/EMT for the fire department in Austin, Texas, for eight years before returning to school to earn a bachelor’s degree. In between earning his bachelor’s and doctorate degrees, Dr. Vogel worked for two years in the chemical industry, formulating and processing ultra-pure chemicals for microprocessor fabrication. 

He says he works at OC because: “I taught at Texas Tech as an adjunct for a year before coming to OC. I had 500 students, and I knew none of their names. My first semester here, I had 75 students, and I learned all of their names. I love that I am making a difference in people’s lives – people that I know.” His favorite memory of OC is: “When one of my students worked his heart out in my class. At the end of the semester, he had earned his A, by one question on the final.” 

Dr. Vogel is married to Kena (who was his best friend in high school). They have three children: Courtney, Cameron, and Morgan and a new grand-baby. Dr. Vogel and his family live on a small farm in Guthrie, where they attend Wilshire church of Christ.

Carrie Schaefer, B.S.

Science Laboratory Manager

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University

Office: Vose Hall

Office phone: 405.425.5390

Email: Carrie Schaefer

Becky RussellMs. Becky Russell

Administrative Assistant

  • B.S., Oklahoma Christian University

Office: NSW-HSH 202

Office Phone: 405.425.5401

Email: Becky Russell

Becky Russell is new to the College of Natural and Health Sciences this year. She is enjoying getting to know the wonderful faculty and students as she learns the responsibilities of her position. A 1994 alumni of Oklahoma Christian, she lives in Edmond with her 5 beautiful children and her husband Wayne, a 1988 alum. She and her family are members of the Memorial church of Christ.