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Tinius East

As our sophomore women’s dorm, Tinus is a sophomore community where you can continue college with your closest friends.


Tinius is made up of two types of suites: shared suites and private suites. Shared suites are four-bedroom suites where each room is shared by two students. Private suites are two bedrooms and each room is private.

  • Sophomore residence hall
  • Quad suites
  • One large bathroom per suite
  • Sink & vanity mirror in each room
  • Doors open to the outside
  • Shared lobby
  • Laundry room
  • Handicap accessible room
  • Top-of-the-line fitness room
  • Inside bike storage


Beds are extra long mattresses and you may bunk your bed. You must coordinate all bed modifications with your Resident Director and will use the required hardware for safety. You will need to modify your bed if desired. You will be responsible for putting beds back to their original position at check-out, or you will be charged a $25 fine. If you are physically unable to modify your bed, arrangements must be made with your Resident Director.

You agree to modify and use bunked or lofted beds responsibly as per the Bunking & Lofting Waiver on the Housing Agreement.