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Housing Employment Opportunities

As a student, you can work in housing, helping your peers navigate college life.

Employment Opportunities

Resident Assistant

As an RA, you would serve in the freshman and sophomore residence halls, focusing on establishing thriving communities. Your goal is to help students connect to each other and OC as they get acquainted with college life.

Honors House Resident Assistant

As an Honors House RA, you help students feel connected to OC and their peers, but you also serve as a tutor. You use your experience in the Honors College to help younger students with their coursework.

Community & Ministry Advocate

CMA’s serve in OC’s apartment buildings. As a CMA, you work closely with other CMAs, Spiritual Life and Residence Life to bring students together and help them strengthen their faith.

Assistant Directors

Being an Assistant Director is the highest level student position you can reach within Residence Life. You work closely with the RD’s and focus on building positive relationships with students.

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We highly recommend you attend our informational meeting regarding working for housing. However, life happens. So, if you couldn’t make it, we have some helpful steps for you below!

  1. Watch the informational video →
  2. Take the online quiz →
  3. Submit an application packet on Handshake →
  4. Submit one letter of recommendation to housing →
  5. Select a time to interview →

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Help your fellow students navigate college.

If you want an on-campus job and are willing to work days, nights and weekends, consider applying to be a receptionist! This position is great if you have a warm and friendly attitude, are dependable, take initiative and have great judgment. Plus, it’s a great space to make friends and help others!

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Day Six

If you want help building your resume or need help with your interview skills, the Day Six office is more than happy to help!

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OC Employment

Oklahoma Christian University complies with all laws regarding nondiscrimination in employment,

including those with respect to race, color, age, gender, national origin, marital status, military service, and disability. As a religious educational institution, the university is permitted by law to consider religious beliefs and practices in making employment decisions and the university does so to achieve its mission.