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Freshmen Interest Groups

Become one of the first to join a specialized group of 15-20 students, learning and living together! Apply to join on of OC's premier Freshmen Interest Groups (FIGs) where you'll connect with people with common interests in shared classes, clustered dorm rooms and special activities together.

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Appli­ca­tions are closed for 2021 – 22. Check back for updates on 2022 – 23!

FIG Perks

There are some really great benefits to joining a Freshman Interest Group!

  • Be challenged by students from all walks of life to broaden your mindset while digging deeper into issues you're passionate about
  • Unique courses tailored to your interests
  • Direct interaction with faculty
  • Live in a close-knit housing community with your FIG cohort
  • Activities with your FIG group and faculty
  • Smaller student:faculty ratio
  • Classes count toward gen-ed or major courses
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Choose Your Group

Fall 2021 FIGs

Health & Healing

You have a desire to help others heal from sickness and injury in a fast-paced, hands-on hospital setting. Nursing majors at OC integrate their faith seamlessly into the care they provide to patients for the best in health care. Students accepted into this FIG will get to take Introduction to Worldview and English Comp I together for two of your gen ed requirements. Plus, your cohort will join other students in Intro to Nursing that meets a requirement for nursing majors.

Media, Culture & Faith

This FIG is for you if you have interest in studies related to gaming, animation, art, design or media. In Media, Culture & Faith, you discover where faith and culture intersect. Your cohort will take two courses required for your major; Media, Faith and Culture, and Media Literacy. Additionally, you will be together in Introduction to Worldview for one of your gen ed requirements.

Discovery Leaders

Are you passionate about cultivating change for a brighter tomorrow? If you seize opportunities to learn about or get involved in government, justice, advocacy and history, this is your FIG! Discovery Leaders will share three gen ed classes together that build a strong foundation of learning for any major. Your cohort will include Introduction to Worldview, Speech and American Government, each led by professors who personally support you on your journey.

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